13 Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

When you're a design buff, there's nothing more exciting than finding the right Christmas decorations to help you get into the holiday spirit. Eye-catching ornaments, festive wreaths, rustic chocolate stations, elegant Christmas string lights—the list goes on. But while you may be completely focused on sprucing up your entryway, living room, and even your dining space for your big holiday celebration, there's one area you might overlook: the kitchen. Explore 13 fun and inspiring ways to make your kitchen more festive.

  1. DIY Mini Chair Christmas Wreaths

These DIY Mini Chair Christmas Wreaths are very easy to create and can be made for only $5 each! Via Domestically Beautiful


  • Mini Wreaths, 10 or 12 inches
  • Champagne Ribbon
  • 2 Types of Fresh Evergreen Stems
  • Faux Boxwood Sprigs
  • Faux Eucalyptus Stems
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Large Safety Pins
Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen
  1. Green Foliage and Baubles Chandelier

Wreaths hung from the ceiling and cabinet knobs make the perfect hanging spot for baubles, while cornices and pelmets can be adorned with holly and spruce. Select moisture-resistant, wipe-clean decorations and faux foliage to avoid wilting in the heat. Via Ideal Home

Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen
  1. Edible Decorations

With all the food that’s going round, you’ll have enough for a few decorations. Christmas cake, mince pies, sausage rolls and biscuits will look a bit more inviting sitting on red table runners, and are sure to tempt any passing guests. Don’t forget to put out a few plates and napkins to catch crumbs. Via Ideal Home


Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen
  1. Counter Gingerbread House

To create this Christmas village, add a bunch of Christmas sparkle with a mixture of trees and mercury glass votives. Use a pushpin to hang the wreath on the gingerbread house. Via Ella Claire Inspired

Via Ella Claire Inspired
  1. String lights

String lights are an awesome idea to make the space welcoming, inviting, inspiring, to warm it up and add a holiday feel even when the holidays aren’t on. They are very budget-friendly and feature many shapes and looks, so you can easily find an option for every interior. Decorating with string lights not for the holidays is popular, as they will create another level of coziness, to your already cozy kitchen. Adding a bit more will never do any harm to the space. Via The Pink Dream

Via Ella Claire Inspired
  1. Christmas Centerpiece

This centerpiece for dining table, kitchen island for breakfast or anywhere else will add some merry cheer to your elegant decor! Gorgeous stainless steel, chrome, lush ribbons and thick, hefty card stock that is UV-coated to resist fading. Easy set-up-In less than 2 minutes, you can have your centerpiece ready to go. Now that’s what I call stress-free holiday decorating. 

Unpack, Celebrate, and Repeat-its reusable!  We love itwhen we can use one home accessory for various events like; a holiday party kit and birthdays too.  

Via Ella Claire Inspired

7. Cookie Glass Jars

Create tasty kitchen vignettes with gingerbread cookies. Placed inside glass jars and filled with sugar and twinkle lights, these childhood treats look all grown up. Via House and Home
Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen


8. Dress Up Your Kitchen Window

    This hanging piece of eucalyptus and berries makes an eye-catching statement in front of a kitchen window. Suspended on a wintry birch branch, this leafy piece is a minimalistic take on the usual Christmas tree. Via House and Home

    Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen


    9. DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

      A hot chocolate bar complete with indulgent winter treats is sure to impress friends and family alike. Via The Turquoise Home


      • Hot Chocolate
      • Toppings 
      • Containers 
      • Spoons
      • Mugs 
      • Electric Kettle
      • Tray, optional


      • Crushed peppermint, or
      • Candy Canes
      • Soft Peppermint Sticks
      • Toffee Bits
      • Caramels
      • Marshmallows
      • Sea Salt
      • Cinnamon
      • Caramel Sauce
      • Chocolate Sauce
      • Whipped Cream
      • Andes Mints
      • Mini Chocolate Chips
      • Chili Powder (for those who like it spicy )
      • Pirouette Cookies
      • Biscotti
      • Whoppers
      Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen


      10. Decorative Trays

        A neutral palette that will shine no matter what your decorating style is. Glittery trees gathered on a tray with mercury glass candles make a glam statement! Via Citrine Living

        Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen


        11. Dress Up Jars

          White ginger jars are dressed up with beautiful satin ribbons and these gorgeous mercury glass snowflake ornaments. Via Citrine Living

          Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen


          12. Oven Wreath

            What I love most about this wreath is the lush, full look it has, and how it makes a bold, yet very sophisticated statement in our elegant Christmas kitchen. Via Citrine Living

            Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen


            13. Night Lite

              Illuminate your kitchen counter with an assortment of candles in glass lanterns. Use different shapes and sizes for variety. For safety, never leave lit candles unattended or use battery-operated ones. Via Pinterest

              Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen



              From preparing dinner with your family to staking out holiday cookies in the oven, there's no denying that the kitchen is a high-traffic space during the season. This year give the heart of your home the attention it deserves for the holiday season. 

              Simple Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen