Fast. Festive. Fun.

Be Ready for Any Holiday in Less Than 5 Minutes

Our Celebration Stand and interchangeable banners make getting ready a snap.


Unpack the stand from the box


Place the stand on any flat surface


Clip the banner on the stand

Fun AND Functional

We started out with birthday kits.

Some of our first customers  asked if we had holiday banners for the Celebration Stand.

I'll never turn down a chance to celebrate, so we expanded into other occasions.

Made of beautiful materials that look great in your home, the Celebration Stand happily holds your banner...and might just be the one holiday accessory you use all year.


Customer Love

" Seriously simple way to make my home festive. I can clip the banner on in less time than it takes to put on earrings."
Bitsy Kemper

"I love that it's portable. I used it at home and then took it to my in-laws that night. "
   -Stephanie Sanders

"One big decoration is so much easier than buying lots of little stuff that I never know how to display."
-Rachel Winston