Congrats Banner


Recognize their special day or accomplishment! This centerpiece for table will look great at home or office.

  • Show Your Excitement-It's awesome when good things happen to good people.  Celebrate their promotion, acceptance into college or grad school, their new baby, new house, new car…or just their good fortune with this congratulations centerpiece.
  • Elegant Party Decor-This sophisticated centerpiece is as beautiful as it is practical. Standing 22" x 36" x 4", it will practically levitate over your table and make a statement. (Please note! Weighing in at nearly 4 pounds, it won't actually float.)
  • Looks fabulous in pictures-We're a tad bit biased, but seeing a group of people posed in front of the Congrats Centerpiece makes everyone happy.
  • Lush Materials-The Congrats banner is made of hefty card stock and comes pre-strung with metallic cording for your convenience. Simply use the included clasps and attach to the the gleaming stainless steel Celebration Stand. Weighing in at nearly 4 pounds, it works well in a variety of home decor styles, from modern homes to a more traditional decor to even a Shaker kitchen.
  • Convenient-Display your birthday banner wherever you want. Just clip the banner on the stand and watch it practically levitate over your buffet table.
  • Multi-functional-Not only can this centerpiece for adults or children convey congratulations, it can also celebrate any holiday or occasion that you like. We offer additional banners in a wide variety of styles.
  • Great gift idea-This centerpiece will brighten up their day and let everyone around them know how special they are.  For friends, family and even an appropriate promotion gift for co-workers.