Is the stand made of up of two parts or one?

One Celebration Stand comes with two stanchions (base + pole).  Just order one Celebration Stand and it will happily hold a banner.

100% Happy Guarantee, really?

Really!  We’re so sure you'll love our products, we’re proud to offer a money-back guarantee.

In the event our product doesn't perform as expected, please email us at Hello@BirthdayButler.com.  We’ll replace the item or refund the purchase price---your choice.

If the item was a gift and we somehow made an error, we’ll even write a note of apology to the recipient to try and make it right.


How often do you release new banner designs?

We typically release a new banner design every other month.


Does the Celebration Stand work with other banners?

We test all of our banners to ensure the Celebration Stand can hold them. 

The Celebration Stand can hold other banners or garlands that meet ALL of the following criteria:

-Less than 3 feet in length
-Less than 6 ounces in weight
-Are made up of flags/cards/panels that measure less than 20 inches tall 


Do you take suggestions for new banners?

Absolutely! Please send us an email at Hello@BirthdayButler.com and describe what you'd like to see added--the occasion, colors, themes, etc.

Would this be a good idea for my wife's 50th birthday? 

We believe our products are a wonderful addition to ANY birthday, whether that's her 40th birthday, her 60th birthday or any other time you want to make your wife's birthday special.