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    A birthday party in a box with a money-back guarantee, really?

    Really!  We’re so sure your birthday person will love their celebration, we’re proud to offer a money-back guarantee. Just let us know what didn’t meet your expectations and we’ll refund the purchase price. If there was an error on our side, we’ll even write a note of apology to the birthday person and try to make it right.


    Is my favorite flavor of birthday cake included?

    A cake is NOT included in any of our collections. We found that birthday cakes are intensely personal! Most people prefer a particular type of cake from a specific place or baked by a specific person. 


    Is it possible to order additional birthday napkins,  forks and plates?

    Sure! When placing your order, just select the desired number of guests at your party. If you still need more, just include a note in the comments form or send us an email at MoreGuests@BirthdayButler.com.

    Would this be a good idea for my wife's 50th birthday? 

    We believe Birthday Butlers are a wonderful addition to ANY birthday, whether that's her 40th birthday, her 60th birthday or any other time you want to make your wife's birthday special.  


    Any suggestions on what birthday celebration to select?

    If your birthday person:

    • Loves to be outside or is environmentally conscious, The Great Outdoors is a great choice.
    • Enjoys bright colors or is fashion forward, Sweet Indulgence works well.
    • Tends toward the classics and timeless style, The Private Reserve can’t miss.



    Mini-Butlers are bursts of birthday goodness, while our All-Inclusive selections have everything you need.




    Birthday banner and stand


    Birthday card and stand


    Birthday candles


    Cake stand & server


    Plates, napkins, forks                                √
    Chalkboard & marker                                √
    Party fans and stands                                √