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Birthday Parties, Gifts and More

12 Memorable 13th Birthday Party Theme Ideas Your Teen Will Love

12 Memorable 13th Birthday Party Theme Ideas Your Teen Will Love

It's a milestone when a daughter officially goes from tween to teen, and for you, dear parent, the pressure is on. Whether you want to throw a fun, traditional sleepover at home or add cute DIY activities like the ones outlined here; discover 12 memorable 13th birthday theme ideas your daughter will think is cool!

Note: Any decision to hold an event during the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter how large or small, should rely on a risk-based approach. WHO has provided guidance on how such a risk-based approach can be taken. Click here for more details. 

  1. Hotel night theme

Make a sleepover party feel a little more exciting by taking the pre-teens to a hotel. Take your daughter and her best friend to a hotel for a night can be a really awesome idea. Book a room somewhere that has a nice pool so they can swim. 

  1. Manicure or spa party theme

Teen girls dig spa parties. It makes them feel so adult and pampered — hello, sheet masks and pedicures. Step it up a notch and provide cucumber slices for their eyes while they lounge about. You can hand out slippers or nail polishes as party favors. Why not dedicate some time to a DIY and make a sugar scrub or bath bombs?

  1. Waffle party theme

Plan a waffle-themed brunch and go all out with it!

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13th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Your birthday girl will be thrilled when she walks in and sees the show-stopping centerpiece on the table. We’ll leave it up to you whether you mention you set it up in under 60 seconds.

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  1. DIY pizza party theme

Have friends roll out the dough and finish off each pizza with an assortment of toppings before popping their creations in the oven.

  1. Scavenger hunt theme

Bring back the scavenger hunt you did for your kids when they were younger, but blow it out and make the boundaries bigger — this is great for teens used to getting themselves places on their own. 

  • Divide the guests into teams and start the party with the teams decorating tee shirts — make sure to have a robust supply of fabric markers and sharpies. 
  • Hand out lists of clues, have the kids use their smartphones to snap the items on the list, and meet up after an hour or so. 
  • Don't limit the clues to simply finding places or historical markers; include some silly acts that teenagers secretly love to do like singing a hit song from their early years or doing cartwheels in the park. 

This is great for a coed party too.

  1. Backyard Camping theme party

Backyard camping is a fun, no-pressure, low-stakes, low-cost way to celebrate your daughter’s 13th birthday with her closest friends. And while it requires very little planning and preparation compared to regular camping, you still want to do a little bit of prep work to make your "trip" a success. 

  1. Winter Hiking Adventure theme party

If your daughter loves the outdoors why not try a hiking adventure with her group of friends. Pack some fun snacks for the girls. 

When the girls come back from their hike serve hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has to be everyone’s favorite wintertime treat. It is perfect for serving at winter themed parties along with dessert or after a day out in the snow.

  1. Drive-By Birthday Parade theme party

2020 is the year of the drive-by birthday parade. There are all sorts of creative ways to make it special for the birthday kiddo. Make posters, shoot silly string out the window, tie balloons and banners to the side of the car, blast kid-friendly tunes, and if you feel comfortable, your party guests can drop off a gift as well. 

  1. Game Night theme party

Pull out your board games, and make a night of it with your whole crew. Need to switch it up? Check out our game night ideas for every age and stage.

  1. Jewelry Making theme party

Most 13 year old girls like jewelry. It is easy to personalize to each girl's taste too. Head over to your local craft store and buy a variety of beads, charms, etc. and let the girls get creative all evening long!  It is nice to have an activity that ends with a nice item for the girls to take home!

  1. Red Carpet Party theme

You don’t have to travel to Southern California to experience the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood party. 

Assemble a trunk of fun dress-up clothing and accessories (like boas, sunglasses and costume jewelry) so that the teens can get dolled up as they arrive. Then send them down the red carpet for a mini fashion show. Put up a backdrop so that they can strike their best pose for the paparazzi. You can set up a simple one with just a sheet or shower curtain, or make your own with flattened cardboard boxes and paint.

  1. Paris, France Sleepover theme party

Paris is a dream destination for many, so why not throw the perfect Paris birthday party sleepover with friends? Before your guests say au revoir the next morning, send them off with a taste of Paris—delicious crepes and French toast. Ask the girls to help prepare the meal and they’ll feel like famous Parisian chefs! Via Dinstictivs Party

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There are plenty of awesome 13th birthday party theme ideas out there, because let’s face it, 13 is a big milestone. And, every big milestone deserves to be recognized with a celebration. Planning a birthday party for a teen can be tricky. They want to act mature, but they still have so much growing left to do, so the party should be sophisticated, but fun-filled and even a bit silly at times. Whatever the case may these 13th birthday party theme ideas for teens that are cool enough for the kids to brag about and fun enough to still appeal to their childlike side.


Source: Life Is Sweeter by Design, Momtastic

13th Birthday Party Theme Ideas