10 Fantastic Birthday Party Themes for Your Next Celebration

Are you stuck thinking about an adult birthday idea for your next milestone party? Themed parties are the easiest way to do just that with; Disco, Casino, 007 James bond, a Mexican fiesta theme and more! Regardless of the theme you pick, be sure that all of your party details coordinate. Want it to be memorable? Make sure your food, your decorations, your activities (games!) and even your cocktails tie back to the theme. Are you ready to start planning? Let’s begin!

  1. Alice in Wonderland theme

A classic story theme wrapped in a bow of red, blue and white drapes, large rose trees, mad hatter glittery signs, jam tarts, playing cards, giant mushrooms, large clocks and chains, sweets and cakes, Alice silhouette and a giant red shoe seat.

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  1. Mexican fiesta theme 

You don’t have to wait for Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesdays to create your Mexican fiesta theme birthday party. Create a Mexican table scape with; party food, and tequila tasting all decked out in classic serapes and bright colors. 

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  1. Classic black and white ball theme

Decor tips: Black and white satin and voile cloth drapes with black and white feather masks, white Roman pillars, black and white glitter stars, white trees, black chandeliers, black and white feather hoops.

  1. Bond 007 Theme

Decor tips: Cloth drapes in black, red and white, large 007 gold glitter logos, gun barrel backdrop, gold glitter bond ladies, men in tuxedoes, bullion bars, martini glasses, bond flats, casino signs and playing cards.

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  1. Casino & Vegas Theme

Give your guests the opportunity to enter in style by setting up a mini red carpet. No casino theme party would be complete without one! All you need is a small piece of red carpet and some velvet rope or a couple of fake trees to go on either side of the walkway. Add additional decor with giant playing cards, dice, large glittery dollar signs and dollar bills, a casino sign, cacti and palm trees, giant palm leaves, and gambling signs.


  1. Funky Disco Theme

Who doesn’t like to dance? We will all get through the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency stronger — and of course ready to celebrate like never before! Bring out your inner dancing queen. Your decorations could include; purple banners, glitter curtains, platform boots, mirror balls, rope light disco signs, assorted sparkle stars, mirror mobiles, and glittered musical notes.


adult birthday party theme

  1. Secret garden theme

Decor ideas: shades of purple and gold cloth drapes, large shimmer flowers, flower garlands, trees, glittery large leaves, fairies, hanging branches, twinkle lights and sparkle stars, fresh ivy trails and garlands.


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  1. Asian theme

Were you inspired by a fabulous trip you took or your favorite cuisine from an area, or simply love the exotic differences in another culture. An Asian themed dinner party is a great way to share that with friends or family. Think minimalism with a rich color scheme of red, black, and gold and add in traditional accents.

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  1. Seaside Party Theme Ideas

Choose a seaside color palette; like corals, aquas, pinks, and peaches! All the colors of the sunsets and ocean waters will make the Seagram’s drinks really pop and have your guests feeling like they’re sitting beachside! 

Decoration tips: to the beach sign, large shells, festoon lights, naughty post cards, life rings, wave flats, palm trees, candy floss, giant ice creams, lollies, seagulls, parasols, fluffy clouds, and so on.


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  1. Pink Party Theme

Everyone loves pink right? (Well almost) if you or your child is one of those who do, why not ask us to create an amazing pink inspired party. Plan an all pink dress code! To add a custom element to the rosé experience, tie a pink heart name card to each wine glass and pass them out as your girlfriends start to arrive. 

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There’s no question that a good theme can take any birthday party from so-so to extra fun and jaw-dropping (if you’re willing to go all out with decorations of course). Streamers and a white cake just aren’t going to cut it. Now more than ever before is the time for you to truly pull out all the stops. Your guests won’t know what hit them.