Awesome Anniversary Decorations: At Home Ideas

Some wedding anniversaries, like the 25th or 50th, are larger events with many people coming together in honor of the happy couple.


All the other anniversaries? 


They’re likely to be celebrated by just you and your partner.


Use the intimacy of the occasion to be as sweet, sexy, serious and/or sassy as you want.


Delight your partner, deepen your bond, and make memorable moments with these easy, actionable ideas.


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Anniversary Decorations: Celebrate Your Years Creatively

One year, the man I married gave me a Happy Anniversary card. Inside he had written, ‘Thanks for 6 great years.’


After reading the sentiment, I thanked him for the card.


Then I asked, ‘Which one of the years didn’t you like?’


He gulped and started counting...and soon realized we were celebrating our 7-year wedding anniversary.


Consider this a Public Service Announcement: double count the years you’ve been married before decorating with that number! 😀


Once you’ve got that number, use it in your anniversary décor:


  • Write sweet nothings on Post It notes and arrange them into the number that reflects the number of years you’ve been married. Affix them to the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door or anywhere else they’re sure to notice.


  • Make/print out hearts to reflect the anniversary you’re celebrating. On each heart, write something you love about your partner and attach them to a flower, succulent or other plant.


  • Get oversized balloon(s) to reflect the anniversary you’re celebrating.


  • Create a display of large home candles in the number of years you’ve been married

Anniversary Décor: Sweet Sentimental Pictures 

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Decorate using photos that tell the story of your life together.  Use a mix of favorite photos and some unexpected ones.

I find it helpful to think of it as a two-step process: gathering the photos and displaying the photos. 

Step 1: Gathering the Photos for Anniversary Decor

Go through old photo albums and start scrolling through your phone!  Grab pictures from:

  • Key moments in your relationship—first date, engagement, wedding day, the day you became parents


  • Prior homes, prior cars, prior haircuts-it’s not the quality of the picture that matters, but rather the conversation spark it will ignite


  • A trip where you saw or did something amazing-relive that memory and the time you shared


  • The two of you sharing a favorite moment – whether that’s drinking your morning coffee outside on the patio or making dinner together. There can beauty in the mundane.


Once you’ve identified the photos you want to use, make sure you have a physical copy of each one. That may require the extra step of downloading and printing out the photos on your phone, so leave enough time for that important step.


Step 2: Decorate with the Photos

Now that you have a variety of photos to use, you’re ready to start decorating! Here are some ideas on how to decorate with photos:


  • Get some helium-filled balloons with long strings. Tie a photo to each string. Put all the balloons in one place or scatter them in key spots throughout your home.


  • Put the photos into the shape of a heart on your bed, the refrigerator, or a wall.


  • Hang the photos with strings or ribbons (or dental floss if you can’t find either!) from a hanging light fixture, a fireplace or even a doorway


  • Put the photos into picture frames and display them in a place of honor. Use frames you have on hand or pick some up at the store. (Tip: the more consistent the frames are, the more polished your display will look.)


Grand Gestures to Take Their Breath Away: Anniversary Centerpiece and More

Make your anniversary unforgettable with a gesture so grand, it will knock their socks off.

To pull this off, simply take a sweet idea and then Supersize it!:

  • Instead of a dozen long-stem roses, decorate with 200 long-stem roses. (Tip: make sure you have enough vases to fit that many!)


  • Don’t just buy a box of favorite chocolates, buy a FIVE pound box of favorite chocolates.


  • Take a love note, poem or your wedding vows and print it out on poster sized paper and hang it above the fireplace.


  • Rather than hang an anniversary banner from the wall, display an oversized anniversary centerpiece that your partner will notice the moment they walk in the room. 

Anniversary Decoration at Home

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    Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Him, Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Her

    Remember that decorating for an anniversary is truly to delight your partner and create a memorable moment.


    Enhance the romance with one of these sweet, sexy and sensual ideas:


    • Hang a sexy piece of lingerie in a prominent place for them to find. Attach a note that reads, ‘Looking forward to seeing you in---and out---of this tonight.’


    • Set the stage for romance by putting a fluffy blanket and some oversize pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. Add a sexy novel, sex toys or a couple game.


    • Get a physical copy of the Kama Sutra and tear out the ideas you find most interesting. Place the pages in places where your partner will most definitely find them. It might just be the sexiest trip to the microwave they ever make!


    • Dig out your wedding vows and print them out in an attractive style using PicMonkey or another editing tool. Display the printed vows in a large frame.


    • Upgrade your bedding with satin sheets and an abundance of flowers, candles, and chocolates.


    • Make the bathtub the primary place you decorate. Add wine glasses, chocolates, candles and erotic poetry.


    Now, go put one (or more!) of these ideas into action and make your partner want to marry you all over again!