Anniversary Centerpiece for Table


Aaaah! Remember that moment you first came together? 😍 Recognize the beginning of your union —whether your wedding anniversary, first date anniversary, job anniversary or any other.

STATEMENT PIECE - Oversized celebration décor transforms any space 

LUXE MATERIALS – Gleaming stainless steel, chrome, lush ribbon, hefty card stock

FAST SET-UP - Less than 5 minutes to clip the banner to the Celebration Stand

REUSABLE - Easy to use again or display another banner

PORTABLE – Move from kitchen to dining room to outdoors

SIZE – 21.5” tall by ~36” wide; great on kitchen island, dining table

* PERFECT FOR – Home, office, restaurant dinner, weekend away

* GIFT IDEA – For the perfect couple; daughter-in-law and son gift; daughter and son-in-law gift; parents anniversary


The Anniversary Centerpiece contains:
-1 Celebration Stand
-1 Anniversary banner (pre-strung)