How to Host a Simple Adult Birthday Party At Home

Whether you're hosting a simple adult birthday party for a friend or a small gathering, you want your guests to have a good time. By making basic preparations and inviting a dynamic group of people, you can ensure your event will not only be successful but also unforgettable! Hosting a great party is almost all about preparation, so if you get everything ready ahead of time you can be assured that you and your guests will have a good time all night.

Here are eight steps to preparing for the adult birthday party at home: 

1. Theme of the party

Are you hosting a themed birthday party, or a blow-out with all of your friends? Do you want something small and intimate or the big banger that no one forgets. Ask yourself what kind of party you want to host before doing anything else -- this will help you decide who to invite, what to buy, and what to prepare.

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adult birthday party at home

2. Send out invitations

When sending out invitations, assume everyone is going to say yes instead of inviting tons of people and hoping only a set amount can make it. You can always send out more invitations later. Always ask for an RSVP. That way you can easily plan how much food and drinks you need.  

3. Dress code

If you have a dress code make sure you include in the birthday invitation. If it’s a classy party, let them know that it is "black tie," or "formal." If it's a casual adult party, you can tell them to "come as they will". 

adult birthday party at home

4. Clean your house

If you don't want people in certain rooms, simply close the doors, and leave the rest of the doors open. Don't give your guests any reason to think they're imposing or intruding on your life. Stock the guest bathroom with extra toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer. As your guest walk in show them where they can put their shoes and other things. 

5. Menu

If you're hosting a meal, put out these little snacks to hold your guests over while the courses come out. This is especially important if you're serving alcoholic beverages. Don't feel, however, like you need to cook all day to throw a great party. You can always buy pre-prepared foods or simple things that you just warm up in the oven.  

adult birthday party at home

6. Drinks

It is often best to have at least two types of alcohol available as well to accommodate different tastes, such as beer and wine, mixed drinks and champagne, beer and spirits, etc. Ice and lemon can be appropriate too. For non-alcoholic drinkers you could serve club soda or non-alcoholic sangria. 

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adult birthday party at home

7. Set the tone

Decorating shouldn’t have to be complicated. We believe this one box from Birthday Butler will make your life easier. Filled with everything you need to celebrate their birthday, all you need to do is unpack the party. And because we know you're busy, we made it possible to set everything up in under 10 minutes. 

The Sweet Indulgence collection was created for the individual who brightens up the room when they walk in. Always stylish, they are warm and happy and love to laugh.

This all-inclusive birthday party was designed to stop 'em in their tracks. The large-scale decorations and mix of materials were selected for maximum impact and we thought the pink and yellow palette captured their positive spirit well.

When the party is over, you can gift the banner to the birthday person as a keepsake so they’ll always have it to remember their day.

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adult birthday party at home

8. Give yourself 1-2 hours more for emergency

At the end of the day, you'll realize you forgot napkins, the appetizers might burn, or you'll forget that you need to shower and get dressed as well! Avoid stressing out, this is suppose to be a fun day. It’s always a good idea to have some free time between your first guest arriving and your final preparations. If you seem relaxed and together when the guests arrive, they'll be relaxed too. 

adult birthday part at home


You don’t need to be an extrovert or have a fancy house to make an birthday party meaningful and memorable. All that’s required is a little planning and a few simple changes. 

Source: wikiHow

adult birthday party at home