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Need a quick and easy and idea to add some contemporary oomph! to your next birthday party?


Whether you prefer factual trivia (How many birthdays happen every day?) or opinion-based trivia (What do you think the Birthday Girl's superpower is?), keep reading to learn about:

  • The hottest trivia game around
  • Why trivia is a great fit for ANY birthday party
  • Fun ways to use trivia in your next celebration.

[Heard enough?  Here’s a Birthday Trivia printable you can use at your next birthday party]. 

HQ Trivia is One of Today's
Most Popular Apps

Trivia has been around as long as people have been curious.  

While countless pints in countless pubs have been enjoyed on trivia nights, the games themselves have taken various forms over the years.

From quiz shows like  Jeopardy!  and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? to board games like Trivial Pursuit to websites for trivia enthusiasts like QuizPug and HobbyLark, trivia has come in all shapes and sizes.

Birthday trivia is more popular than ever due to HQ triviaLest you think trivia is old-fashioned, it’s recently had a resurgence in popularity thanks to the huge success of an app called HQ Trivia,
or more commonly, HQ.

The online trivia contest allows players to compete in a live game streamed to users' smartphones twice a day.  Contestants from around the world try to answer 12 multiple-choice questions of increasingly difficultly. Only players who answer correctly advance and those with a perfect score get a share of the prize money.

By going viral so broadly, HQ has put trivia back in the cultural spotlight while also introducing a new generation to the joy of successfully answering random questions.  

As a party host, it's easy to leverage this phenomenon for some fun at your next birthday party!

Trivia is Fun at any Birthday Party

Sure, it's great to know what's "in" this season, but there are many reasons to incorporate trivia into your party.  Trivia is:

  • Easy-no special equipment is required and there’s no need to explain the rules of the game. All you need to do is unveil the questions and provide a place for people to write their answers.
  • Inclusive-whether the party guests are aged 22 or 82, everyone can play.

  • Flexible-you get to choose the type of questions you ask and how many. You can provide multiple-choice answers or ask that people submit their best guesses. 
  • Interactive-birthday trivia gets guests mixing and mingling. This can be especially helpful at a celebration where the guest list is made up of a variety of cliques (the work friends, neighbors, people they grew up with, etc.).  Asking an unfamiliar a person for their take on a trivia question (“What do you think the birthday’s person superpower is?”) is much easier than trying to see what you have in common.
    • Negligible cost-unlike the year my son wanted to have a “Hunger Games” birthday party, trivia doesn’t require an investment in props or game pieces. If you’ve got some paper and pens, you’re good to go.  Can’t find enough writing utensils?  No worries!  Keep reading for other ideas.


    How to Use Trivia Questions at a
    Birthday Celebration

    Consider how and when you want to include the trivia in your birthday festivities.  There’s no right or wrong way, but it’s helpful to decide before the start of the party.  Some ideas that I've seen work well: 

    • Ice Breaker for Guests-have printed sheets of trivia set out near the drinks.  Guests can grab a beverage, see how many items they can answer and before you know it, they're talking to someone else asking for help with a question.
    • Great Filler Activity at a Surprise Party-surprise parties can be polarizing--people either love 'em or hate 'em.  No matter which side of the debate you fall on, everyone can agree that the time spent waiting for the guest of honor to arrive always seems to drag on and on.  Fill that awkward space with trivia questions!  An added benefit?  Completing answers to questions can be done quietly so as not to give away the surprise.
    • Transition between Food and Birthday Cake-once the meal has been served, there's often a lull in the party.  Some people are still eating, others are deep in a conversation with the person next to them, and efforts might be started to clear the dishes. Bringing out trivia helps get everyone back on the same party page.  Plus, it works out well to have the guest of honor reveal the answers as cake is being served.
    • Trivia as Decoration-turn trivia into decor for greater interest.  Imagine a small sign on the bar that reads, "Guess what Sam's favorite cocktail is" or one on the bathroom mirror that reads, "Hey Good-looking! What celebrity do you think Sam looks like?" 

    Trivia can add an entertaining element to any party with a minimal investment of resources.  Create questions of your own or check out our printable Birthday Trivia sheet below.  We'll leave it up to you whether or not to award prizes for the most correct answers.


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