Happy 4th of July banner for Independence Day
4th of July banner
Happy 4th of July banner for Independence Day
4th of July banner

4th of July Centerpiece

The best 4th of July decoration can be used as a centerpiece and then moved outside for the fireworks!

  • Unique design-Celebrate in style with this July 4th decoration. The red, white and blue decor will make your family and friends smile and enhance your Fourth of July picnic. 
  • Elegant Patriotism-Modern party goods for those with great taste. The happiest Independence Day banner is made of thick card stock and pre-strung with metallic cording for your convenience.  Simply attach to the gleaming stainless steel and chrome Celebration Stand--oversized for maximum impact.  It measures a generous 22" x 36" x 4" and weighs ~4 pounds.
  • Reusable- Our handcrafted party goods are reusable so you can celebrate again and again. Start a new family tradition today.
  • Photogenic-The centerpiece for table looks awesome in photos!  Take a few selfies or some pictures with your family. You could even have a photo shoot and post on social media.
  • Great gift idea-For a friend, for a family member, for anyone! Send this July 4th centerpiece to delight them on America's birthday. 
  • 1 Celebration Stand
  • 1 Fourth of July banner
  • 1 bow tie
1 Fourth of July banner
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Make Any Room Festive--FAST!

Enjoy at Home or Send as a Gift!

Gorgeous Materials

Stainless steel, chrome, lush ribbons, hefty cardstock that resists fading, metallic cording.  

Set-Up in Minutes

Unfold the banner and attach to the Celebration Stand. Easy peasy!


Be ready to celebrate whenever you want. Unpack. Celebrate. Repeat.

Happy Celebrations

We Love Helping People Celebrate!

I set up the party in my dining room and it looked great.  Loved how substantial the centerpiece is.

Renee Watkin

My best friend is like Martha Stewart--everything is always perfect at her house. She LOVED the pink and yellow birthday party.  I was so proud!!!

Sarah Smith

I ordered this to use at a beach weekend with friends. They were so surprised!  Couldn't believe everything fit in one box. Can't wait to use next time!

Margie Richardson