A Quick, Easy Same Day Birthday Delivery Idea

Ever thought to do something for a friend/family member/colleague’s birthday...


Maybe you considered getting them a gift from that cute little shop on Main Street that finally reopened. Or perhaps you were going to send them a card and somehow never got around to it.


Then, one day in the future, you’re having your morning coffee/tea/smoothie.You check your calendar to see what’s up for the day.


You look at the date and instantly think, “ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”


It’s the person’s birthday---and you haven’t done ANYTHING!  😳


Yep. It’s happened to all of us.


It doesn’t mean their birthday doesn’t matter or that you don’t want to do something to help make their day special. It’s just that our human brains forget stuff.


I recently tested out an idea that can help save the day when you need a quick and easy birthday gift...STAT.


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My Experiment in Same Day Birthday Gifting from 3,000 Miles Away

During the pandemic, I had started using DoorDash occasionally. It was a treat for me—I didn’t have to cook and some nice person would deliver hot food to my doorstep.  


One day it occurred to me that I could select ANY delivery location for a DoorDash order. I wondered if this might be a fun way to surprise someone on their birthday or another occasion.


I decided to test it out last week. A friend had flown from California to Florida to help her 20-something son move into his house. The previous owners left the home in a miserable condition---it looked like a raging frat party had happened the night before.  (Who does that?!?!?)


I wanted to brighten their day, so I thought I’d send them a surprise delivery via DoorDash. My friend loves cheese, so my plan was to send her a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a location anywhere near them.


It took me a few tries to figure out what might be a “good” restaurant to order from, but I placed an order for a giant meatball calzone and a zeppole (an Italian funnel cake filled with custard). 


The order was delivered. My friend and her son were not only surprised, they were delighted to have a hot, ready-to-eat meal after a long day spent cleaning the house.


(Keep reading for lessons I learned and the play-by-play of the delivery experience.)


Forgot Birthday? Idea to Save the Day

If you want to make something happen ON their birthday and need it to be quick and easy, try this:


Use the power of DoorDash to work for you by sending the birthday person an order of their favorite pot stickers, cupcakes or meatball calzones.


All you need to do is select the birthday person’s delivery location, estimated delivery time and the restaurant you want to order from.


Delivery Details of a Surprise Gift via DoorDash

In my case, I texted my friend that a delivery was on the way. She was in the shower and missed it. When the Dasher tried to deliver the food, her son was the one who answered the door. He  said he hadn’t ordered anything and tried to turn the dasher away.


DoorDash tried to call me twice to resolve the issue, but I didn’t answer because I was in a meeting and the unfamiliar calls looked like spam. Thankfully, I answered the third call and told the sweet DoorDasher. “Tell him it’s from his mom’s friend, Lisa.”


Send a gift of food delivery from DoorDash-Birthday Butler

Tips for Sending Food as a Gift via DoorDash

Here are some things I learned along the way:

  • Only send a delivery of food if you are sure the person will be home.

  • The person probably won’t be expecting a DoorDash order. Send them a text ahead of time saying something like, “I sent something to you. Accept all deliveries.”

  • Though DoorDash can deliver for you, there doesn’t seem to be a great way you can also include birthday wishes. You’ll need to do this yourself.

  • As soon as you place the order, plan to keep your phone on and answer any calls. DoorDash will try and get in touch with you if there’s a problem.

  • I can’t guarantee this works in all areas, so please look at the DoorDash app to see what might be available in your area.


Please tuck this idea away, just in case you need it one day! 


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