Decadent Birthday Gift Ideas for Women-Featuring Female-owned Companies

Spoil her!


After all, it's her birthday!  Gift ideas for women abound, but getting her something indulgent is a lovely way to help her celebrate.

I believe this is especially true as we get older. Being able to surround ourselves with well-chosen items we truly appreciate is one of the gifts of aging.


...and trust me!  We need to focus on the good parts because there are many other aspects of getting older---wrinkles and grey hair for starters--that are less wonderful!


Many of the decadent birthday gifts for women also have the added benefit of being from companies run by wonderfully talented women.


Coincidence?  I think not!  😀


Keep reading for fabulous birthday ideas women will love!


Send a Fabulous Birthday Cake to Her 


What could be more appropriate for her special day than a fabulously delicious birthday cake!

The first time I received a cake in the mail, I was gobsmacked. How on earth did they make it, ship it to me and still have the frosting and sprinkles intact?! 


I was seriously giddy with delight as I dug into the yummy cake that a friend was kind enough to send me as a birthday surprise.


If you're not familiar with Milk Bar and its mouth-watering desserts, you should be.


It was founded by Christina Tosi, an award-winning pastry chef, who became my hero when I learned she had created "Cereal Milk" to be used in her delectable recipes.  Plus she's a fan of sprinkles too.


("Cereal milk" is flavored to taste like the remaining milk at the bottom of your bowl of Frosted Flakes.)


Send a decadent birthday cake from Milk Bar  or make one of their delicious recipes at home.  (Yes, Christina is such a believer in happy birthdays and home baked treats, she shares her recipes too!)



Milk Bar birthday cake

Order a Milk Bar birthday cake for her...or make one at home!


Birthday Gift Idea for Her:  Birthday Party in a Box


What could be more decadent than opening up a box full of birthday love in your honor?!


She'll love receiving this birthday party in a box--whether she's celebrating with family, friends or on her own.  It's an easy, elegant way to make a birthday happier.  Exclusively from Birthday Butler, founded by Lisa Bader, who loves celebrating at home or away.


Featuring a handcrafted stainless steel birthday centerpiece for table that stands nearly 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide, this party kit also comes with gorgeous birthday napkins, birthday candles and a birthday card and stand.

Choose from a variety of styles to make her day extra special. Don't be surprised if she thanks you again when she reuses it for future birthdays or other occasions.


Birthday gift for women birthday party in a box - Birthday Butler

Send her a birthday party in a box from Birthday Butler.


Birthday Gift She'll Love: Melt in Your Mouth Macarons

I didn't realize until sometime in my 20's that there was a difference between macaroons and macarons.


Macaroons are the cookie I grew up with--chewy coconut cookies sometimes dipped in chocolate. Quite yummy if you love coconut, but not anything fancy.


Macarons are a French delicacy made with almond flour and resemble a mini hamburger---only they are 100 times better! They were made famous by LaDuree, a French bakery that started in 1862. 


In case you don't have plans to be in Paris, I'd love to recommend the fabulous macarons made by Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in Sacramento.  My personal favorites include salty caramel and pistachio.


The only thing at Ginger Elizabeth MORE delicious than the macarons?


The ice cream sandwiches!  Imagine two macaron shells filled with ice cream and salted caramel and then dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds.  (If you're not a fan of almonds, no worries! There are other flavors as well.)


To be fair, the chocolates are amazing too!


For the ultimate in decadence, send the birthday girl macarons, ice cream sandwiches and chocolates!  


And as you may have suspected, Ginger Elizabeth is also the name of the founder and talented pastry chef, Ginger Elizabeth Hahn. I've taken several classes from her and she's the real deal!


Ginger elizabeth macarons recommended for birthday by Birthday Butler


Gift Ginger Elizabeth  macarons. The salty caramel are over the top yummy!



Stylish Reading Glasses: Birthday Gift Idea for Woman in 40's


Like death and taxes, we'll all lose our ability to see close-up in middle age.


Called "presbyopia," the loss of vision within a yard or two of our eyes hits most people  in their 40's. For some, it's a steady decline; for others, it seemingly happens overnight.


Help the birthday girl not only see more clearly, but also look downright stylish with these reading glasses from Peepers.

Sure, she could make do with a generic pair of reading glasses from the drugstore, but why should she?!

(I gifted the pairs below to a friend for Christmas. They were such a hit, she wore the red ones to a holiday party that night.)

Peepers is a 4th generation family-owned business located in Indiana. Created when the wife of the CEO could only find ugly readers. Peepers made reading glasses so stylish, they've even made Oprah's List of Favorite Things---several times!



Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: Decadent Chocolates 


Treat the birthday girl to chocolates so decadent, that she'll gasp when she tastes one.


An excellent choice is Vosges Truffles. They are as beautiful for your eyes to behold as they are delicious. 


Vosges Chocolates was founded by Katrina Markoff, a wonderfully talented soul who runs the company with three principles in mind: peace, love and chocolate.


Vosges Chocolates hold a special place in my heart because I would visit their chocolate boutique every time I flew through Chicago's O'Hare airport.  I'd marvel at the stunning chocolates and bring a box home. (Of course, I'd always pop a sample into my mouth before boarding my flight!)


Vosges Truffles Great Birthday Gift Idea for Women recommended by Birthday Butler

Vosges Truffles-A Delicious Birthday Gift Idea for Her


Send Flowers to Make Her Birthday Bloom with Happiness


Make her birthday extra bright by sending her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. 


Farmgirl Flowers consistently does a great job and their trademark bouquets that come wrapped in burlap always get rave reviews.  In one week, I learned that my sister, a friend and my hairstylist all were fans!


As its name suggests, Farmgirl Flowers was founded by Christina Stembel, a farm girl from Indiana.  Working as an event planner, she wondered why flowers were so expensive and proceeded to build a company that disrupted the floral industry along the way.


farmgirl flowers birthday gift idea for her recommended by Birthday Butler


Birthday Gift Idea for Her: Farmgirl Flowers


Birthday Gift for Women: Keep Wine Cold--Beautifully


Some birthday gifts put the fun into functional---and this one does it with great style!


Imagine how much easier her evening will be if she doesn't have to go to the frig for more of her favorite chardonnay!  Instead, she can keep the entire bottle cold with this handy cooler. 


Made by Vinglace, they also offer a set with the wine insulator and glasses so she can enjoy with a friend or a partner.  

Vinglace was founded by Alyson Haas and her husband Colton. 


Works equally well for champagne!


wine cooler woman birthday gift from birthday butler
This Vinglace wine cooler and glasses will keep her beverage to the ideal temperature