5 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Milestone Birthday Party for Adults

Whether it’s a celebration for a 21st, a 30th birthday, a 40th, 50th, 60th, or a 100th birthday (or anywhere in between) a milestone birthday party is a special birthday party for adults!  The festivities surrounding another decade of life deserve extra attention no matter how simple or elaborate the actual party is.  With thoughtful planning and organization you can help pull off a magnificent event. 

Read on to learn the best tips for hosting a memorable milestone birthday party for adults that will help ensure that the special day goes off without a hitch! 


  1. Involve the Guest of Honor

Unless you’re planning a surprise birthday party, the guest of honor should be in the loop on what’s happening for his or her party. He or she will be able to give you names and contact information for important people that should be invited to the birthday celebration – making your life significantly easier when it comes time to send out the invitations!

If you are planning a surprise party, don’t despair!  You can still make a milestone adult birthday party everything the birthday recipient dreamed of by simply involving a person or two that are close to the guest of honor.  Use these people to conjure up a guest list and contacts, and put your heads together to come up with party details that fit the guest of honor. 

  1. Plan early

Typically for milestone adult birthday parties, close friends and family will not want to miss the party.  Because of that, it’s important to give guests enough notice so that they can save dates and plan travel, if necessary.  

Early planning is also very helpful if you plan to have the birthday party at a venue other than a private home.  Booking earlier gives you more location choices and you’ll have more time to research and buy things like party favors, DIY table centerpieces, party food, party games, beverages, etc. 

  1. Make WOW decorations 

When planning a milestone birthday party, a good rule of thumb is to “go big or go home!”  Now, I’m not talking about “going big” in the sense of have a gigantic party and spending a million dollars on it like the Kardashians – I’m talking about incorporating details that pop and make an impression!  

Add some “wow factor” to the party to make the milestone party for adults even more memorable!  Your photos and memories will thank you.


One of my favorite ways to do that is by using the Black and Gold All-Inclusive Birthday Party to create a beautiful centerpiece on table and a stunning visual display when the candles are lit.  

Created to be fabulous for them and easy for you, this one box has everything you need to transform a room into a celebration in less than 10 minutes.

Featuring a palette of black and gold with generous proportions, The Private Reserve birthday party for adults is a study in understated elegance.

It’s perfect for those who appreciate timeless design, as well as those who favor some glamour in their lives.


The heart of the All-Inclusive Private Reserve is a gorgeous birthday centerpiece for adults that sets the tone for the party...and also looks outstanding in pictures.

Measuring 21" high and 36" across, the birthday centerpiece features our Better birthday banner*, handcrafted out of luxe paper and thick gold cord, which easily attaches to the stainless steel Anywhere Banner Stand* finally solving the vexing problem of where to hang the banner.

The four premium gold foil party fans and stands rise tall and proud above your tabletop and really pop against the centerpiece. 

Because every birthday person is unique, we added a gold-framed chalkboard and chalk marker (chalk dust is so…5th grade!) so you can add your personal message. The birthday card was designed to be displayed on the stainless steel stand and serves as a wonderful memento.


As everyone knows, tall food tastes better so we included a cake stand to elevate your celebration. Made of hammered stainless steel and measuring a generous 12” in diameter, it’s destined to become a favorite. (Please note: cake not included.)

The 7" tall birthday candles burn beautifully and the white and gold flecks seem to dance in the glow of the candlelight.  

We wanted your sweet treat to make a statement, so we also included a mirrored gold acrylic cake topper.


To ensure the milestone birthday party for adults was truly complete, we added coordinating plastic plates (flimsy paper plates are for kids), forks, birthday napkins and even a cake server so you don’t have to go hunting for one.

The Private Reserve All-Inclusive birthday party for adults makes you look like a hero—and is sure to make their birthday party an incredibly happy one.

The Understated Elegance All-Inclusive birthday party ships in one box and contains the following items:


  • Birthday centerpiece, 21" x 36" (Anywhere Banner Stand* + Better Banner*)
  • Gold foil paper fans [4]
  • Stainless steel fan stands [4]
  • Framed chalkboard for your personal message
  • Chalk marker
  • Birthday card
  • Stainless steel birthday card stand 
  • Gold acrylic cake topper
  • White and gold-flecked birthday candles [24]


  • 12" stainless steel cake stand 
  • Stainless steel cake server 
  • Black plastic plates [10]
  • Forks [10]
  • Napkins [20]

adult birthday table centerpiece banner

If your milestone birthday party celebration adults doesn’t require a full-size cake or treat, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.  The Black and Gold All-Inclusive Birthday Party also makes a smaller size version called Black and Gold Mini Birthday Party.

The entire line of Black and Gold All-Inclusive Birthday Party products are the perfect way to bring the wow to any milestone birthday party!

  1. Personalize the Party

After you’ve determined how to bring some eye-catching elements to the atmosphere, think about how to add personal touches too! The party is, after all, about one special person, so make it reflect special qualities and/or memories about him or her.

Incorporating photos from throughout the person’s life is a great way to do this – whether you work them into party decor (like in pretty frames on the tables, in a photo banner hanging on the wall, or attached to poles on a Celebration Stadium around your cake, for example), or in a video montage presented at the party.  


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  1. Give the Gift of Memories and Appreciation

Although many people think of birthdays as prime gift receiving times, milestone birthdays tend to be a little different as they are typically a time of reflection for the person celebrating the birthday.  With each new decade, people usually pause to think about where they’ve been and where they’re going – these birthdays are much less likely to be focused on the material things.

Adding in the special touches – like inviting an old friend not seen in a while, a beautiful cake surrounded by the Black and Gold All-Inclusive Birthday Party table centerpiece or a party theme for adults perfectly selected for the guest of honor – will make the birthday recipient feel so much love and appreciation, and will give all of the guests a feeling of honor to having been present to celebrate.  


Make sure to take lots of photos and videos of the celebration so the memories can truly last a lifetime. Let the reason you’re celebrating guide your planning and the milestone birthday party for adults will be a huge success!

milestone birthday party for adults

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