Awesome Easter Egg Hunt How To's and Other Fun Easter Ideas

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Awesome Easter Egg Hunt How To's and Other Fun Easter Ideas

April is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to celebrate Easter!

This is a great holiday for adults and children alike and there are many special events and activities to make the day even more special.

Decorate Easter Eggs Like Picasso or Pollock

This is a timeless and exciting tradition which lets everyone express their inner creativity and show off their artistic side.

Eggs are a uniquely fun item to decorate--the shells absorb color well and are sturdy enough to write or paint on. 

Whether you dye the eggs with food coloring, dip them in wax or paint miniature artworks on them, it's sure to be a hit.

For older kids and adults, you can take egg decorating to a new level by asking them to adorn the egg as Picasso, Pollock or another famous artist might.  

easter eggs in bright colors


Tips for Creating an Awesome Easter Egg Hunt

Probably the most well known and most exciting Easter tradition, kids AND adults love to hunt for Easter eggs.

Whether you create an egg hunt in your backyard for your family or surprise friends with an egg hunt that you leave on their front lawn, it's a simple activity that generates fun for all.

When creating an Easter Egg hunt, here are some tips that can help:

  • Leave enough time to fill the eggs. It always takes longer than it should. (I don't know why this is, just that it has proven true year after year.) 
  • The thrill of the hunt is about finding the eggs---not how much candy is contained within the eggs. You're better off doing more eggs with less candy as it will make for treasure to be found.

  • Fill the eggs with wrapped candy to avoid any messy or buggy situations. You can also use coins or trinkets like squishies or bouncy balls if your audience has older kids and adults.
  • Use candy that is safe for all the hunters (recipients).  Be aware of any peanut allergies and any small candies that might be a danger to little ones.

  • When hiding the eggs, think about how hard or easy you want the hunt to be and how much time you want to spend on the activity. In my experience, people find eggs more quickly than you might realize.
  • Consider letting people know how many eggs are hidden so the hunt doesn’t end on a frustrating note.
  • Provide baskets or paper lunch bags for people to put their found eggs in
  • Once the hunt has concluded, grab a drink and enjoy watching the hunters open their eggs and survey their loot.  Expect them to start trading candy with each other to secure as many favorites as possible.


awesome easter egg hunt how to's

Bake Some Delicious Paska (Easter Bread)

Easter is a great time to get into the kitchen and experience the joys of baking delicious treats, both sweet and savory. 

One of the traditions my family has enjoyed for years is baking a Ukrainian Easter bread called Paska, which just so happens to be the Ukrainian word for Easter.

Made from a slightly sweet yeast dough, Paska may contain dried fruits and be covered with icing. (I've never been a fan of the fruits personally, but I will say that toasted Paska with a generous amount of butter is a delicious treat.)

Here's a link to a recipe I've used with great success in the past.

Hot cross buns are another favorite at Easter time.


Make easter bread paska

An Easter Centerpiece Will Make Your Table Fun and Festive

A holiday is a great time to add to the decor in your home.  An Easter centerpiece will get guests in the holiday spirit and wish them well. It also looks great in pictures.

easter centerpiece for table perfect decorLearn more about Easter centerpiece pictured above.


Provide Bunny Ears for Young and Old Alike

Bunny ears on a little one are always adorable. 

Bunny ears on a teenager or an adult? 

Well, that's just priceless!

Promise your teenagers that they can make you wear bunny ears one day.

bunny ears on a cute baby

Make and Hide Easter Baskets Full of Goodies

One of the best parts of Easter is the sweet treats, including the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  Fill baskets with favorites and hide them for the kids to find. We will leave it up to you as to whether or not you tell them it's from Mr. E. Bunny.  😀

If a basket of candy full of candy seems a bit overwhelming, feel free to mix in other items as well like craft supplies, toiletries and games.
easter basket

Bake and Decorate Easter Cupcakes 

Cupcakes are delicious any day, but what makes them so fun for Easter is the many different ways you can easily decorate them.

Any flavor will work, though carrot cake cupcakes are very fitting and the cream cheese frosting is always a favorite.

Frost them and sprinkle some coconut on top.  Add a few jelly beans and you've got a bird's nest.   Another easy option, add a marshmallow Peep or two to the top.  


Easter cupcakes