13 Tips for the Best Easter Egg Hunt EVER!

Easter will always be one of my most favorite holidays.  The warmer weather, bright colors and beautiful flowers all conspire to make it an egg-specially happy day.

My absolute, most favorite part of the holiday?

The Easter egg hunt!  🐣

I love seeing people (yes, kids and adults!) racing around to find the eggs. It cracks me up (pun intended!) to see how focused the hunters are as they search high and low for their quarry. 


Whether you create an egg hunt in the backyard for your family or surprise friends with an egg hunt that you leave on their front lawn (it was early in the pandemic! I wanted to share some cheer with friends! 😀), it's a fun activity you'll be glad you did.


Best Easter Egg Hunt Tips from a Mom - Birthday Butler


Tips for Creating an Awesome Easter Egg Hunt

Over the years, I've hosted more egg hunts than I can remember.  While it's hard to mess one up, I've learned lessons to make the hunting more enjoyable for everyone:


1. Start by planning how many eggs you'll need. I'd suggest AT LEAST one dozen eggs per hunter. (Full disclosure: I lean towards abundance when celebrating! 🥳)


2. Leave enough time to fill the eggs. It always takes longer than it should. (I don't know why this is, just that it has proven true year after year.)  Feel free to delegate or enlist help.


3. The thrill of the hunt is about finding the eggs, NOT how much candy is contained within the eggs. I'd always recommend having more eggs and less candy per egg.


4. Fill the eggs with wrapped candy to avoid any messy or buggy situations. You can also use coins or trinkets like squishies or bouncy balls.


5. Use candy that is safe for all the egg hunters. Be aware of any peanut allergies and any small candies that might be a danger for little ones.


6. If hiding the eggs outside, be sure to turn off the sprinklers!  While I've never had a hunt ruined by water, we had a very close call one year.


7. The more well-hidden the eggs are, the longer the hunt will take. I've found that people find eggs much more quickly than you might expect, so hide some eggs in obscure spots!  


8. Provide baskets or paper lunch bags for people to put their found eggs in. The individual baskets/bags make ownership clear, and it gives guests a convenient way to take them home.


9. If you have a varied age group, give the younger hunters a head start. While an egg hunt is intended to be fun, don't be surprised to see people getting very competitive.


10. The moment you announce the egg hunt is to begin, the hunters will begin surveying the territory. If you want to build the excitement, blindfold them so they don't start peeking!


11. Feel free to tell the hunters that once they've found a certain number of eggs they should return to the starting point. This can help pace the activity and ensure that a very zippy hunter doesn't grab the majority of the eggs. 


12. Pay attention to how many eggs you are hiding and where. This will help you to know when the egg hunt is nearing its end. In my experience, 80% of the hidden eggs are found quickly, but the last 20% requires hunters to search very carefully.


13. You may want to take pictures of any egg-specially well-hidden eggs. (Despite doing this, it's not uncommon for me to find a hidden Easter egg several months later.)


    Once the hunt has concluded, grab a drink and enjoy watching the hunters open their eggs and survey their loot.  I've always found this quickly morphs into a trading floor, as kids (and adults!) try to secure as many favorites as possible.  Remember, a found piece of candy always tastes better!


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