7 Ways to Create the Perfect Holiday Table Centerpiece

When it comes to decorating the table for the holidays there are just about as many traditions to contend with as there are for every other aspect of the holiday. Whichever road you choose this holiday season, the end result is bound to be something special. And to help you on your way to holiday greatness, we've gathered seven fantastic table centerpieces and tablescapes across a variety of styles. 

These wonderful tables include both traditional and modern approaches to decorating for your holiday celebration. They have everything you need to be inspired and to liven up your own traditions or break out into something fun and new.

  1. Black And White Modern Christmas Table

This holiday table is an elegant step away from the sometimes overwhelming colors of the season. The crisp, white tablecloth creates a neat and clean aesthetic while special accessories like the black silverware and mix-and-match plate designs emphasize the modern feel of the overall design. At the same time, if you look closely you'll see that this table hasn't strayed too far from the fold after all.

One of the biggest benefits of a black and white palette is that it can accommodate several different pops of color. So the red cranberries, green plants and gold plate trim can still give you all (or most) of the colors of the season while keeping it all in easily controllable little bursts. via Pinterest

holiday table centerpiece

  1. Holiday Cornucopia Table

Whoever said that the harvest had to end with Thanksgiving? Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's we feast from Fall to the end of the year. So why not have a holiday dinner table that reflects your bounty? This table keeps the harvest time feeling alive with a color palette of rich purples and warm oranges. The spread of magnolia leaves keeps the connection with the outdoors while warming the table way up. via Pinterest

holiday table centerpiece

  1. Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Searching for something that will elevate your holiday table from ordinary to extraordinary?

Birthday Butler's Thanksgiving table centerpiece will make any celebration more festive and quite possibly make any meal taste better.  

The unique construction of the stand allows you to display it on your buffet table, Kitchen Island or wherever else you like.  Our better banner features handy clasps that allow you to hook it on the banner stand in a jiffy!

The best part?  The banner stand is re-usable and can come out to play again and again for future occasions.

holiday table centerpiece

  1. California Holiday Table

This is the perfect table for sitting out and enjoying the air on a warm, sunny Thanksgiving or Christmas day. The decorations are small and relaxed with flowers and colors that reflect the warm atmosphere. Instead of dining chairs, try embracing the laid-back west coast lifestyle to its fullest by bringing the whole event down to ground level with poufs and blankets for seating. via Pinterest

holiday table centerpiece

  1. Holiday Chinoiserie Table

In red and white the Chinoiserie pattern on these dishes is tailor-made for bringing a special note to any traditional Christmas table. Accompanied by simple yet beautiful arrangements of Christmas foliage and an array of candles of various sizes, this no-fuss table-scape truly captures the spirit of the season - perfect for gathering with the ones you love most. via Pinterest

holiday table centerpiece

  1. Cozy Holiday Table

On this table we see again the importance of color and accessories in creating a compelling holiday table. The black and gold color palette strikes a pleasing balance between modern and traditional influences while the plants, though not traditional to the holiday, nevertheless maintain the connection with nature that pervades so much of holiday decor. via Sarah Sherman Samuel

holiday table centerpiece

  1. White Christmas Table

We all dream of them, so it's only natural to find a white Christmas on our holiday tables. Silver metallics against the backdrop of a white tablecloth are all it takes to bring this winter wonderland to life. Cute, glittery reindeer statues say everything this table needs to say about the day and the feeling that it is meant to inspire.

The small presents, various statues and dramatic, sweeping candelabras create layers of height that help to maintain visual interest keeping the nearly monotone color palette from becoming stale and boring.

When bringing this style to your holiday table, keep the dining and flatware formal as a counterpoint to the whimsy of the reindeer. The combination will give all of your guests the feeling of a special event that's still meant to be intimate and fun. via Pinterest 

holiday table centerpiece


The holiday season is just around the corner which means it's time to break out the fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. While it's important to make all areas of your home end up merry and bright, you'll want to be especially sure that your tables are decorated to the nines.

The best part of decking the halls is getting everyone involved. Let your kids help out with the easy decor while you tackle some of the more challenging. Even if you don’t make them yourself, any of these holiday table centerpiece and decoration ideas will bring even more cheer to your festive home this holiday season. With ideas for every budget, you can’t lose with any one of them.

holiday table centerpiece