15 Great Holiday Gift Ideas Teachers Will Treasure

It's been a really hard year for teachers, so when it comes time to show a little teacher appreciation — be it during the holidays, at graduation or at the beginning or end of the year — this is the moment to go the extra mile with those teacher gifts. Whether it's a little something (budget-friendly) for the holidays, a teacher appreciation gift or an end-of-year thank you, these non-boring presents are perfect for teachers.

  1. Teacher Stamp for Best Male Teacher

You can personalize the hairstyle and color of the this stamp, plus add accessories like glasses or a tie, to make a one-of-a-kind creation. You can also tweak the text if you'd rather say something like, "Property of Mr. Williams' Classroom." Shop now

  1. Custom Starbucks Tumbler

If your favorite teacher is a coffee junkie, you can't go wrong with this reusable, venti-sized Starbucks coffee cup that comes with a personalized decal. You can also go for the hot version. Shop now

  1. "Why You're the Best Teacher Ever" Fill-in-the -Love Book

This journal's simple prompts make it easy for any student to express what they love most about their favorite teacher — the constant support and inspiring lessons, to name a few. Shop now.

  1. "Thank You Teacher" Scented Candle Gift

It'd be hard for any teacher not to be moved by the quote on this candle. As an added bonus, there's a selection of more than 50 fragrances to choose from. Shop now

  1. Teacher Poster

Wouldn't this be the perfect thing to hang as the background of a virtual classroom? Shop now.

  1. Classroom Holiday Centerpiece Banner 

Help decorate the teacher’s classroom or office with a Christmas or Hanukkah centerpiece banner. They can simply move The Celebration Stand wherever your teacher wants it in their classroom. They’ll love how everything is packed in its box! Shop now

  1. Teacher's Pencil Custom Stationery

This personalized stationery combines fun lettering with a cute illustration, so it'll actually feel nice to get a note home from the teacher ... maybe. Shop now

  1. Teacher Appreciation Potholder Set

This is a sweet little gift for a teacher who likes to bake. The set comes with the potholder (in red or black), the spatula and your choice of baking mix. Shop now

  1. Sugar Wish

Want to send Teach a sweet treat, but don't know her favorite type of candy? Send a Sugar Wish, and she'll be able to pick out her four favorite flavors herself. You can send candy, popcorn or cookies. Shop now

  1. Library Card Socks

Don't forget your favorite school librarian! These cozy socks are great for weekends spent relaxing with a good book. Shop now

  1. Apple Enamel Pin

Now your most-loved teacher can wear his pride for his profession on his sleeve — literally. This pin comes in one of four colors, and it looks great affixed to a well-loved tote bag. Shop now

  1. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Travel Mug

No teacher should suffer the indignity of cold coffee. Not only does this mug keep hot beverages nice and toasty, it comes with a five-year warranty on heat retention. Shop now

  1. Champagne Bears

You might think sending over a big bottle of booze is inappropriate, but you can probably get away with sending in these Champagne gummy bears, which are made with Dom Pérignon. There are two flavors of bears in each package: brut and rosé. Shop now

  1. Pencil Bath Bomb

No more pencils, no more books ... once your teacher dissolves this pencil-shaped bath bomb and settles in for a nice, soothing soak. The fragrance is citrus and lavender. Shop now.

  1. Zone-Out Kit

If you want your kids' teachers to relax on weekends, try this kit, which come with an eye mask, pillow spray and sandalwood-scented perfume stick. Shop now.


If you’re choosing a gift for your kid's teacher, let your child get involved when you’re shopping and looking for inspiration—they’ll have some good ideas about what their teacher likes. Whether your teacher gifts are small or large tokens of appreciation, they will be touched by your thoughtful gesture.  

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