November Birthday Trivia, Party Tips and Gift Ideas

Welcome to November!  

In most parts of the US, the 11th month of the year delivers Mother Nature’s dazzling display of autumn leaves, along with cooler weather.

This month may start with munching on leftover Halloween candy, and end with a lot more gobbling as Thanksgiving arrives on the fourth Thursday in November. Plus, we turn our clocks as we fall back this month,

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November’s Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

The traditional birthstone of November is the topaz, which is said to represent love and affection.  

Pure topaz is colorless, but it is much more often found in a wide variety of colors such as yellow, blue, orange, pink. The hues of topaz are created by defects in the stone or by replacing minor elements.

The modern birthstone is the citrine which is a member of the quartz family. Citrine typically ranges from yellow to a deep orangey brown.

Citrine is said to have a calming effect on the wearer and can help their innermost desires come true.

(Wondering why we needed modern birthstones? They are seen to be the more affordable choice over the traditional birthstones!)


November’s Birth Flower:  Chrysanthemums and Peonies

The birth flowers of November are the chrysanthemum and the peony.

Chrysanthemums, or just “mums” for short, are known for their vibrant colors. Once primarily seen in autumn’s jewel tones, they now come in many other colors including pink and white.

Chrysanthemums - November birth flower - Birthday Butler

These perennials are said to symbolize friendship and joy.

Peonies are one of the most beautiful and fragile flowers. Their heavy blooms and deep green leaves are stunners for sure. They are said to be found in every color, except for blue.

Peonies are said to represent good luck, honor and wealth.

 November birth flower - Peonies - Birthday Butler


November’s Zodiac Signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius

The two zodiac signs of November are Scorpio and Sagittarius. People with birthdays of October 23 to November 21st are Scorpios, while those born on November 22nd to December 21st are said to be under the sign of Sagittarius.

Scorpio is a water sign that has the colors of red and rust. It is represented by the scorpion and is said to feel emotions intensely and lash out if threatened.

Scorpios tend to be passionate truth seekers who often have a mysterious side. Other personality traits include:

  • Intuitive
  • Intense
  • Resourceful
  • Sensitive
  • Goal-oriented
  • Loyal


Sagittarius is a fire element whose symbol is a bow and arrow. It is represented by the centaur of mythology whose upper body is human, and lower body is horse.

Sagittarius are said to be the wanderers of the zodiac (guess its horse legs come in handy!). Other personality traits include:

  • Optimistic
  • Well-liked
  • Creative
  • Caring
  • Independent
  • Risk takers

 November zodiac Sagittarius - Birthday Butler


10 Fun November Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

November is a great month for a birthday party! Depending on where you live and what you have planned, you might be inside or out in the chilly fresh air.

Here are some birthday party ideas to help you celebrate November birthdays:

  1. Cheer on your favorite football team and tailgate with birthday cake or cupcakes and hot toddies.
  2. Host a Pumpkin Spice Party and serve pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup...
  3. Plan an early holiday shopping trip, complete with massages
  4. Host a pie baking competition (or maybe just pie-eating?!)
  5. Schedule a painting party to capture Fall’s gorgeous colors
  6. Go beer tasting, cider tasting or wine tasting
  7. Enjoy pumpkin martinis at a James Bond themed party
  8. Organize a flag football team, complete with birthday jerseys
  9. Pack a picnic basket and hike up your favorite trail
  10. Host a Mexican Fiesta (click here to read our post dedicated to this topic).


The Perfect Party Decoration for a November Birthday

Celebrate their fall birthday with the Most Pumpkin-y centerpiece! In under 2 minutes, you can transform your table or kitchen island with party décor they’ll love.

Made of high-quality stainless steel and chrome, lush ribbons and thick card stock, it stands nearly 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  Handcrafted in the USA, it was designed to be reusable. 

Pumpkin Spice Birthday Centerpiece -Birthday Butler

The Most Pumpkin-y birthday decoration! 


November Birthday Gift Ideas 

Here are eleven gift ideas for the November birthdays in your life:

  1. A bouquet of gorgeous peonies
  2. A Gratitude Journal to capture all the goodness
  3. A plan to road trip and cheer on their favorite college football team
  4. A thick, cozy throw for snuggling up on the sofa together
  5. Candles in yummy autumnal scents  
  6. A spa getaway to freshen up
  7. A cooking class for Thanksgiving favorites or Pie Making 101
  8. Fabulous boots to rock that Fall outfit
  9. A piece of topaz or citrine jewelry
  10. A zodiac-themed trinket dish
  11. The book “Green Lights” by November birthday boy Matthew McConaughey


November Birthday Gift Ideas - Birthday Butler


Famous November Birthdays

Given that those born in November tend to be curious and creative, it’s no wonder there are so many famous figures born this month!

Living November Birthdays

  • November 2 – David Schwimmer, Ross on Friends
  • November 4 – Matthew McConaughey, actor
  • November 6 – Emma Stone, actress
  • November 7 – Paul Buchheit, inventor of Gmail
  • November 8 – Gordon Ramsay, chef
  • November 11 – Stanley Tucci, actor
  • November 11 – Leonardo DiCaprio, actor
  • November 14 - Charles, Prince of Wales
  • November 15 – Ed Asner, Mary Tyler Moore’s boss
  • November 18 – Allyson Felix, track and field athlete
  • November 18 – Owen Wilson, actor
  • November 20 – Joe Biden, 46th President of the US
  • November 21 – Goldie Hawn, actress
  • November 22 – Scarlett Johansson, actress
  • November 27 – Bruce Lee, martial artist
  • November 28 – Jon Stewart, comedian
  • November 30- Billy Idol, musician

Deceased November Birthdays

  • November 2, 1734 – Daniel Boone, frontiersman
  • November 7, 1867 – Marie Curie, scientist
  • November 9, 1934 – Carl Sagan, astronomist
  • November 12, 1929 – Grace Kelly, actress
  • November 15, 1887- Georgia O’Keefe, artist
  • November 16, 1965 – Winston Churchill
  • November 18, 1923 – Alan Shepard, first American in space
  • November 22, 1819 – George Eliot, British author
  • November 22, 1890 – Charles de Gaulle
  • November 23, 1887 – Boris Karloff, actor
  • November 25, 1835 – Andrew Carnegie, industrialist
  • November 26, 1922 – Charles Schulz, cartoonist
  • November 28, 1757 – William Blake, artist and poet
  • November 29, 1898 – C.S. Lewis, author
  • November 30, 1835 – Mark Twain, novelist


    Famous Quotes about November

    Include one of these quotes in a November birthday card or just enjoy them now! 

    "Don’t wait until the fourth Thursday in November, to sit with family and friends and give thanks. Make every day a day of Thanksgiving."
    Charmaine Forde


    “The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of. The mite which November contributes becomes equal in value to the bounty of July.”
    Henry David Thoreau

    "November always seemed to me the Norway of the year."

    Emily Dickinson

    “It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”
    Sarah Addison Allen

    "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
    Albert Camus

    “Now in November nearer comes the sun down the abandoned heaven.”
    D.H. Lawrence