All About February Birthdays

Welcome to February!

February has the fewest birthdates of any month because it usually has 28 days. 
However, every four years, we experience a leap year.  When that occurs (the next time will be in 2024), February has 29 days.


Individuals born on February 29th are called "leaplings" or "leapsters."  Since this birthdate occurs only once every four years, most people born on February 29th celebrate their birthday on the day before (February 28th) or the day after (March 1st) in non-leap years.

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What is February's Birthstone?
What are February's Birth Flowers?
What are February's Zodiac Signs?
What are February's famous birthdays?
What are some fun party ideas for February birthdays?
What are some creative gift ideas for February birthdays?
What are the famous quotes about February?
Why Do We Have Leap Years?


The Birthstone of February: Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. A member of the quartz family, it is known for its vibrant purple color.  Amethysts can range from a dark purple to a pale lavender.


The ancient Greeks were convinced that this stone had magical properties that could prevent the wearer from drunkenness. It’s no wonder that the word amethyst is derived from the Greek prefix “a-“ meaning “not” and  “methyein” which is defined as “consumed with alcohol.”


Amethysts are said to provide a variety of benefits, including increased mental clarity, a balanced metabolism and greater intuition. 


For those in search of a birthday gift for someone born in February, the good news is that amethysts are one of the most affordable birthstones. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Amethyst earrings - February birthday idea - Birthday Butler


Be sure to check out Santore Jewelry, a woman-owned business based in Los Angeles. Artisan Katrin Santore lovingly handcrafts pieces that are as wearable as they are beautiful.


The Birth Flowers of February: Violet, Primrose

February’s first birth flower is the violet.

Violets are dainty flowers which typically grow to be a few inches tall. Traditionally purple in color, violets can now be found white and yellow as well.

These sweet-scented wildflowers are easy to recognize by their five heart-shaped petals—two pair of side petals and one petal that points downward and is usually marked by another color.

Violets are said to represent humility, modesty, and true love.


February birth flower - Birthday Butler

The second birth flower of February is the primrose.

Primroses are among the first flowers to appear in spring. Usually a creamy yellow in color, they may also be found in pinks and purples.

These low-to-the-ground flowers grow from a rosette of rough green leaves that are shaped like tongues and have scalloped edges. Typically, a few flowers will cluster together.

Primroses are said to signify young love and may also represent the stages of life.


February Birth Flower - Primrose - Birthday Butler

Did you think that roses were one of February’s birth flower? Me too! It turns out the rose is June’s birth flower. This is likely because roses bloom in June, the first month of summer in the US and many other countries.


The Zodiac Signs of February: Aquarius, Pisces

There are two zodiac signs that are associated with the month of February. People who are born from January 20 to February 18 are Aquarians, while Pisces are born from February 19 to March 20


Aquarius is an air element whose symbol is the water-bearer. It is represented by a mythical carrying an urn of water, or sometimes, just water flowing. The color of the zodiac sign is sky blue.

Those born under Aquarius are said to be forward thinking individuals who want to affect positive change for the collective good. Other personality traits include:

  • Independent
  • Visionary
  • Diplomatic
  • Popular
  • Stubborn
  • Rebellious

February 1-18th - Zodiac Sign - Pisces

    Pisces is a water sign whose symbol is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces are deeply intuitive and overly sensitive. Here are some of the traits they possess:

    • Have strong gut reactions
    • Can easily judge a person or situation
    • Gets along well in small circles of people
    • Has a very active imagination
    • Shows creativity through art and music
    • Has a strong sense of right and wrong

    February 19-28th Zodiac Sign - Pisces

    10 Fun February Birthday Party Ideas for Adults 🎉

    February is a great month for a birthday party!  Here are some ideas to help you celebrate February birthdays:

    • Throw a purple-themed birthday party
    • Plan a sip and soup party
    • Host a Mardi Gras-themed birthday party
    • Take your crew ice skating
    • Host a night at the museum
    • Gather friends for wine and cheese party
    • Host a Super Bowl-themed birthday party
    • Go cross country skiing
    • Plan a board game-themed party
    • Host a fondue party


    February Birthday Party Idea - Fondue  Party - Birthday Butler

    The Perfect Party Decoration for a February Birthday 

    Embrace the color purple with this beautiful birthday centerpiece! 

    This oversized party decor will look stunning on your dining room table or kitchen island.  Featuring a purple and gold-themed banner, it's the ideal decor for a February birthday,


    Birthday party idea - Birthday Butler


    Birthday Gift Ideas Inspired by February 🥳

    Here are ten gift ideas for the February birthdays in your life:

    • Gift a beautiful blanket for cuddling up under (cashmere optional 😉)
    • Give a gorgeous amethyst necklace
    • Plan a weekend getaway to a romantic B&B
    • Gift chocolate making classes
    • Gift her a makeover at her favorite spa
    • Gift a fondue set
    • Gift a stack of books to read
    • Make a quart or two of soup
    • Gift a hydrating facial and massage
    • Knit, crochet or purchase a scarf and mittens


    February birthday idea amethyst necklace Birthday Butler

    Amethyst necklace available at Santore Jewelry.

    Famous February Birthdays

    Since people born in February are usually artistic and creative, it's not surprising to find the names of musicians and artists among the list!

    Living February Birthdays include:

    February 1st - Harry Styles, singer

    February 2nd - Christie Brinkley, supermodel 

    February 2nd - Shakira, pop star

    February 6th - Rick Astley, singer

    February 7th - Chris Rock, comedian

    February 10th - Chloe Grace Moretz, actress

    February 11th - Jennifer Aniston, actress

    February 17th - Paris Hilton, hotel heiress

    February 19th - Justin Bateman, actor

    February 20th - Charles Barkley, basketball player

    February 22nd - Drew Barrymore, actress

    February 23rd - Emily Blunt, actress

    February 26th - Michael Bolton, singer

    Deceased February Birthdays include:

    February 1, 1902 - Langston Hughes, poet

    February 3, 1874 - Gertrude Stein, author

    February 4, 1913 - Rosa Parks, civil rights icon

    February 6, 1911 - Ronald Reagan, president

    February 7, 1867 - Laura Ingalls Wilder, author

    February 11, 1846 - Thomas Edison, inventor

    February 12, 1809 - Charles Darwin, scientist

    February 15, 1564 - Galileo Galilei, physicist

    February 20, 1902 - Ansel Adams, photographer

    February 22, 1732 - George Washington, first U.S. president

    February 24, 1955 - Steve Jobs, inventor

    February 27, 1932 - Elizabeth Taylor, actress


    Famous Quotes about February

    “Though February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises.”
    Charmaine J. Forde


    "The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within."
    William Cullen Bryant


    Why Do We Have Leap Years?

    If you're wondering why we bother with leap years at all, it's astronomically necessary to keep our seasons in synch with our calendars.  

    Our (Gregorian) calendar happens to be 365 days in length; meanwhile, it takes the Earth slightly longer to orbit the sun (365.25 days).

    By adding an extra day every 4 years, it keeps the difference in check.