10 Extra Special 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Your special guy is turning 50. Half a century is a milestone worth celebrating! If you’re stuck or just looking for how to properly acknowledge this once-in-a-lifetime moment in your husband’s life, try one of these great ideas.


Give the Gift of Adventure for His 50th Birthday

Turning 50 doesn’t mean the adventures have to end. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Sign your sweetheart up for flying lessons or splurge on that high-end camera he's been coveting and book a trip to somewhere exotic. He will love the chance to get out there and learn something new or head to a new locale, camera in hand!

Man with camera celebrates turning 50


Husband Turning 50?  Help Him Write His Memoir

Now that your husband is 50, he’s had half a century of experience and memories. It’s time to start documenting those!

There are a variety of memoir services and products out there, such as The Story Scribe and Perfect Memoirs, that can offer a guided tour through his life as he writes out his story. Sign him up for one of these or pick up a guided journal and he can start working on a keepsake your family will cherish for generations.   

To capture the highlight reel of his first five decades, another great option is The Book of Everyone. This charming book has prompts that make it easy to complete.


Give the gift of a memoir for his 50th birthday

Take Him Out on the Town for His 50th Birthday

He works hard. He’s a great father and an amazing husband. He deserves a fun night out! Plan out a night full of his favorite activities, like a concert with his favorite artist, dinner at his favorite restaurant, or maybe go see that new movie he’s been waiting for. To make it extra memorable, be sure the evening includes dancing the night away!

man and woman dancing for his 50th birthday


50th Birthday Gift for Him: Upgrade His Favorite Spot at Home

Does your guy love nothing more than a quiet night in? Is he happiest settling in with a movie on Netflix and a drink in hand? Pop some popcorn and get him a new and improved relaxation station. Update his favorite seat in the house with a new recliner. Add in some wireless headphones or a new e-reader and he will have the perfect end-of-day chill-out spot as he enters his 50s.

Gift of recliner and headphones for his big 5-0


Perfect 50th Birthday Gift for Him: Fancy Bar Cart or Engraved Cocktail Set 

If your husband likes mixing up a cocktail or has a passion for spirits, get him a fancy bar cart and an engraved cocktail set. He’ll feel like the master of his castle as he mixes himself a soothing drink after spending the day working hard for his family. Throw in his favorite liquor to get him started as a finishing touch.


Man making cocktails on his 50th birthday


Find great birthday ideas at Birthday Butler's Milestone Resource Center



50 Reasons We Love You: Sweet 50th Gift for Husband Birthday 

As your husband and the father to your children, there are probably dozens of things you all love about him. His 50th birthday is the perfect time to tell him!

Gather the kids, his extended family and friends and write out 50 reasons you all love and appreciate him. Check out some ideas online for how to format it to create a beautiful and meaningful gift he’s sure to keep forever. Plus, it’ll serve as a pick-me-up on a bad day and the perfect way to honor him at this milestone.

Gift for His Birthday: 50 reasons we love you


Indulge His Hobby for the Big 5-0

Does he love to fish for hours on end? Is he a passionate book collector? Maybe he lives in his wood shop or can’t wait to buy the next car to fix up.

Whatever his hobby is, use his 50th birthday as an excuse to splurge on something he’ll love but would never buy for himself. Why not! 50 is a big deal and he’s earned that big-ticket item, even if it’s just for a hobby. He’ll appreciate it and you’ll get major brownie points.

Man fishing for his birthday


Great Milestone Birthday Gift for Him:  A Gold Watch

Watches are classic. An elegant timepiece is the perfect pairing of beauty and function. On his golden birthday, spoil him with a gold watch. Whether he has a closet full of watches or one tried-and-true piece he always wears, the fact that it’s commemorating his 50th birthday will make it special.

Gold watch for husband's 50th birthday gift


Perfect Decoration for His 50th: Birthday Banner and Celebration Stand

Upgrade your usual birthday celebration for the big 5-0.  Get the Celebration Stand and 50th birthday banner from Birthday Butler.  He'll notice it the moment he walks into the room!


50th birthday centerpiece


A Sexy Coupon Book for Him-Great 50th Birthday Gift You'll Both Enjoy

Getting older doesn’t mean the romance has to die!

Keep the spark alive by making him a sexy coupon book. Even something as wholesome as a massage can get you two in the mood and there’s no better way to express your love for each other than by reconnecting physically.

He’s sure to love it, and you’ll get  something out of it, too! 😉

Adults only birthday party coupon book