Oprah Wants to Know YOUR Favorite Things about Celebrating



Your phone rings on New Years Day. It's from an unknown caller.


(A telemarketer wouldn't be calling on a holiday, right?
Is it one of the friends your teenager went away with for the weekend?
Speaking of which, why hasn't my son/daughter called me yet???)

You answer the phone. 


A professional, yet earnest female voice asks you to please hold for Ms. Winfrey.

“Hi there! Gayle and I are just hanging out talking about the celebrations we had in 2023. The gatherings we loved most, the little touches that had a big impact, that silly game that had us laughing out loud…

We heard YOU love to celebrate as much as we do.

What were YOUR favorite celebration moments/touches/tips from 2023?”


How to Find Your Celebration Highlights

Don’t have those answers at your fingertips? Feeling tongue-tied and can't even remember what you celebrated last week, let alone what you liked best?


No problem! There’s a quick and easy way you can find those answers.


Simply pick up your phone and scan through your 2023 photos.


In just a few minutes, you can jog your memory and go through a year of holidays, birthdays and other special gatherings. I’ll bet you find some unexpected treasures as well. Maybe it’s a Girls Night you pulled together in just a few hours…or that delicious appetizer you brought to your niece’s graduation party…


After that walk down memory lane is completed, you’ll be able to answer Oprah’s celebration question with ease.


Even better? YOU now have a personalized blueprint for what to do MORE of in 2024.


Wishing you a happy, healthy and harmonious new year!

PS If Oprah should happen to call you, please let me know! Years ago, I saw this picture of a birthday celebration at her house (the one in Montecito?) with a foil dollar store birthday banner sadly hanging from the fireplace. I’d love to send her an upgrade! 🥳

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Lisa Bader - founder of Birthday Butler

Lisa is the founder of Birthday Butler. She loves making celebrations easier and more convenient.  Lisa likes the occasional glass of champagne, but prefers an Old Fashioned that's "on the sweeter side."