Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Warm their Heart

If you’ve procrastinated or forgotten that February 14th is the sweetest day, we've got you covered!


Here are 9 easy and creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day that can be put together in less time than it takes to run into the grocery store and buy milk.  


Remember, it takes just a bit of effort to make your husband/wife/significant other/friends/kids/special person feel special, which in turn, will warm YOUR heart! 🥰


Put Your Feelings into Words with Love Notes

The key to making love notes is simple:  don't overthink it!

All you need is a Sharpie or pen and a box of Post-it notes. Next, write down the qualities you love about the person or why they're so very special.


Once you've written your sweet sentiments, you can:

  • Hide the notes in unexpected places for them to find
  • Arrange the stickies in the shape of a heart and put them in a prominent spot (frig or bathroom mirror are good options)
  • Cut the edges off the Post-It to transform the square shape into a heart.

These notes will brighten their day and for the weeks to come!

post it heart valentines gift idea

Make their Valentine's Day Extra Sweet with a Candy Card

One of the trending ideas this year is the giant candy bar card—even for adults! All you have to do is get some poster board or card stock and some candy bars, heart-shaped chocolates or any of their favorite candies.

Next, tape the sweets on the front of the card---or inside if you prefer---and adorn the card with cute sayings, such as “You’re so sweet!”   

Depending on the type of candy you select, you can also make your sweet sentiment specific to the kind of candy bar you choose:

  • Snickers bars-"I’m nuts for you”
  • Almond Joy bars-"It’s a joy being your mother/wife/soul mate/friend/husband/brother/sister"
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups/bars-“Have I told you REESEently that I love you?”

The extra delicious part of the candy card?

They’ll think of you every time they eat one of the sweets!


valentine gift idea candy bar card

The Way to their Heart is through their Stomach

Whether you’re a natural-born baker or someone who plays around in the kitchen, this is a great option for you.  

The key to making this work?

Baking up THEIR favorite treat—the one with nuts that the kids don’t like or maybe it’s one that you don’t think is worth the calories.

If you want a super quick and indulgent option, use pre-made cookie dough and put a heart-shaped chocolate in the center of each cookie before baking. 

(Unwrapping the foil that the chocolates are wrapped in is an excellent task to delegate to a helper!)

homemade cookie for Valentines Day


Make a Yummy Beverage

Whether you serve a before dinner cocktail or an after-dinner delight, a fun and festive beverage is sure to surprise them. The novelty of having a unique drink in honor of Valentine's Day is something they'll remember long after they've taken their last sip.

Serve the beverage with a card to let them know how special, sweet and/or sexy they are.  

Some ideas for adults include:

  • Chocolate martini
  • Coffee with Baileys or Kahlua
  • Chocolate milkshakes
  • Cosmopolitan

Among the family-friendly drinks:

  • Shirley Temples
  • Strawberry milkshakes
  • Red Gatorade or Powerade
  • Strawberry lemonade

chocolate martini for valentines day


Make Movie Night Memorable

The secret to making a special Valentine’s Day movie night?

Planning ahead!

So many people (including me!), usually sit down to watch a movie…and then spend a silly long time scrolling through dozens and dozens of choices before settling on a feature that everyone can agree on.

Plan a special Valentine’s night by selecting the movie in advance.  Go for a classic like When Harry Met Sally or Love Actually, or opt for the latest film that has been on your list.

Next, get your movie snacks ready. Make a giant bowl of popcorn, grab their favorite box of movie candy (Milk Duds or Junior Mints are excellent choices) and add their favorite drink.

couple watching tv


Bring Sexy Back (or Sweet!) with a Playlist

The art of making a playlist may have been modernized, but it’s far from dead.

You can introduce your kids to this lost art, or make one for your significant other. 

Romantic playlists are something your partner will be able to listen to again and again throughout their day and will put him in the mood for romance.

Bring back the spirit of the mixtape by choosing your favorite songs and arranging them just so – instant love!


heart with headphones valentines celebration idea


Breakfast in Bed for Grown-ups

Everyone enjoys a good breakfast in bed. You can start Valentine’s Day off right by making a batch of heart shaped pancakes or waffles and serving them while your partner is still in bed.

Add some special touches with strawberries and whipped cream and let your partner know just how “sweet” he is to you. 

Include some notes that you wouldn’t want the kids to see and let him know what’s for dessert.


If Valentine's Day morning finds you in the normal morning routine of making breakfast for the kids, waffles still work or save time and go for an unexpected treat like Fruit Loops or Boo Berry cereal. 


couple breakfast in bed


Greet them with a Valentines Day Centerpiece

Start their day off with this holiday decor that makes them feel extra special. Just clip a Valentines Day banner on the Celebration Stand  and they'll feel the love the moment they walk in the room.


Enjoy a Lovely Picnic

Take your partner out for a romantic picnic date---though please check the weather first so you know what to wear!

Grab a blanket for lounging on, bring some champagne or a favorite bottle of wine, pack an assortment of cheeses and snacks and enjoy your day out. 

Dial up the romance by bringing along a book of sweet or sexy poems.

Of course, a family friendly picnic can be sweet!  



couple enjoying valentine picnic

Give the Gift of Touch with a Massage

The reason so many people love massage?

It feels so good!

Make some coupons for massages to give your partner and wrap them up with some lotions.  Then treat your partner to the gift of total relaxation as you put on some calming music and give him a massage to make his cells sing.


woman giving man massage for valentines