7 At-Home New Year's Eve Party Ideas to Celebrate 2021

Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to the New Year by hosting a celebration in the  comfort of your own home with your family. Though it may not be the year of big bashes, the countdown to midnight will pass in a flash with these seven fun New Year's Eve party ideas. 

  1. DIY Confetti Bar

Whether you make these confetti shooters from push pop containers (which you may be able to find at Target, but can for sure find on Amazon) or simply place small plastic boxes or glasses filled with confetti around the house, this is a fun way for you and your guests to celebrate when the clock strikes midnight! Set up takes approximately 30 minutes. Via Kojodesigns

  1. DIY New Year’s Eve Noise Makers

This craft only takes about 20 minutes and you probably have everything you need for them around the house. When it’s time to ring in the New Year, even the kids have something to cheer with to make all the noise they want! Via The Crafting Chicks

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Plastic Wine Glasses
  • Glittered Cardstock
  • Glitter or Confetti
  • Bells
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  1. DIY Printable New Year’s Resolution Cards

Setting goals and intentions for the year ahead is an inspiring way to celebrate! In a stunning palette of rose gold, black and white, these resolution cards match our New Year’s Eve rather swanky party decoration range. Set out a vase full of these cute little cards and invite your guests to put some thought into their year to come. Via Lia Griffith

  1. DIY Paper Number Piñatas

This would be a fun way to either count down to the New Year, or to make your own custom “2021” piñata! So fun! Via A Subtle Revelry

  1. DIY “Kiss Me” Kits

Fill the bag with everything for the perfect kiss at midnight: bubbly, lip balm, sparklers, and, of course, some minty-fresh gum! These kits make great party favors for your New Year’s Eve party. Via Shaken Together

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • 1 small bottle of champagne, sparkling cider, soda, wine, etc. 
  • 2 striped paper straws
  • 2 noise makers
  • 1 box of sparklers
  • 1 pack of gum
  • 1 lip balm 
  • Small black/white paper chevron bag
  • Ribbon
  • Kraft tag
  • Ribbons
  • Alphabet stamps & black ink pad
  • Small kraft paper bag, basket or box
  1. Minute-To-Win-It Games

When you’re hosting an adult party or family gathering, there’s really no better way to break the ice than by playing a few fun games, and the more ridiculous the game, the better! These quick and easy games are guaranteed to liven up any party! Stock up on treats or small gifts to give out as prizes to the winners, and watch the hilarity ensue. Via One Good Thing by Jillee

  1. DIY Build The Best Blanket Fort

Gather every pillow, sheet, and mattress and bring the comfy party to the living room. Order in some pizza and put on your favorite movie and enjoy a relaxing and cozy New Year’s Eve at home in your pajamas. This idea is sure to be an easy win if you have young kids at home! Via Pretty Providence

  1. New Year Centerpiece

Leave the Christmas decorations behind and begin the New Year in style with this centerpiece! Why this is a must-have banner centerpiece for your New Year’s Eve party: 

  • This elegant home decor accessory looks great in a formal dining room, on a buffet table, even on a kitchen island. The lush ribbons and hefty card stock on the pre-strung banner simply clasp onto the eye-catching stainless steel and chrome of the Celebration Stand.
  • Start the year in style-Festive decor to ring in the New Year or dance the night away on December 31st.
  • People will smile when they see the New Year banner standing tall and proud.  At 22" x 36" x 4", it will be noticed the moment someone walks into the room.
  • The centerpiece will be ready to go in under 2 minutes. Simply unfold the ready-to-go banner and clip on. When you’re done celebrating, just fold the banner back up and tuck it into the box. If only your Christmas tree were this easy!
  • This centerpiece can be used again and again for a New Year's Eve party, or you can add another banner and celebrate any occasion you like.
  • The New Year Centerpiece ships in one box and contains: 1 Celebration Stand, 1 New Year banner, and 1 bow tie. SHOP NOW. 


We hope these ideas get you excited about ringing in the New Year at home this year, and I hope you all have a wonderful 2021! :-)

At-Home New Year's Eve Party Ideas