Make Their Heart Sing: 10 Great Valentine Gift Ideas to Mail

If you can’t be with your loved ones or that special someone for Valentine’s Day, don’t think that all is lost! Whether you’re separated by miles or our current pandemic has kept you distanced (Hurry up vaccine roll-out!), you can always send your love and care from afar – by mail! 


But WHAT to send that will be appreciated?


Here are 10 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can mail to someone special this year that will make their heart sing.


If you're on the fence about sending someone to something, you might be interested to know that people are reporting that receiving something fun in the mail has taken on greater meaning these days.


For those working from home, an unexpected package or greeting card in the mailbox can break up the monotony and feel a bit like Christmas morning. Individuals who need to leave the house for work or school will be tickled to see something especially for them when they arrive home.


 Valentine Gift Idea 1 – Thrill Their Stomach with a Box of Yummy Treats

Treat someone special in your life to a package full of goodies. We each have our favorite flavors and opening a box of them will definitely brighten their day!  

For the person who loves spicy foods, send a few bottles of intriguing hot sauces.  

For the individual who always craves sweets, mail a box packed with seasonal flavors of candies, such as the newly introduced Cheesecake flavored M&Ms or Reese’s heart-shaped peanut butter chocolates. For the more refined palate, go for quality, not quantity and order some high-end chocolates for an extra indulgent gift.

For the college student who may be cooped up in their dorm room (Hurry up vaccine!), boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese may even elicit an “I love you Mom!”


Valentine Cookie

Great Valentine Gift Idea 2  – Gift Cards for Their Heart's Desire

There’s a reason why gift cards are so popular:  the recipient can choose exactly what they want, they’re easy to mail and you don’t have to worry about having to return or exchange it.

Take a moment to make the gift card more personal by including a note as to why you chose that particular store or restaurant---“I know a girl can never have too many shoes. Maybe a fun pair in a bright color for Spring?”

 A gift card works well if you are gifting to a couple or family because everyone can enjoy.  Send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant and they won’t have to cook…or clean-up!

valentine gift card


Great Valentine Gift Idea  3 – Wine They'll Love

For those who love vino, this is the ultimate gift. What wine lover doesn’t always appreciate another bottle or wine accessory? 

There are so many wonderful ways to gift wine:

Mail a bottle from a very romantic winery they’ve always wanted to visit

Send something special from their favorite winery or vintage

Gift them something unusual that will pique their curiosity

Give a special decanter or a gorgeous wine stopper that has special significance


wine-valentine gift idea

Great Valentine Gift Idea 4  – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

There’s a reason why chocolate is such a popular choice---it’s downright delicious!

Splurge on a giant heart-shaped box or go retro and gift some of their favorites from when they were a kid—Hershey’s kisses, Snickers bars and Junior Mints.

Chocolate is especially delicious when its covering almonds, cashews, cherries and it makes for a more unusual, though just as tasty, Valentine’s gift. (As always, only send notes to homes that welcome them. No one wants a gift to cause an allergic reaction to someone in the household!)


valentine gift idea chocolate

Great Valentine Gift Idea 5 – Tried and True, Send Flowers

There’s a reason why flowers are such a popular gift---they’re beautiful, brighten up a room and smell wonderful.

For a memorable touch, gift flowers that can be pressed into a book to help the recipient remember the special occasion.


Valentine flowers

Great Valentine Gift Idea 6  – Gift Meal Kits for Delicious Convenience 

Give the gift of convenient eating to your loved ones! Choose to send just a few meals, a gift card for a meal, or a monthly subscription service. 

Edible gifts that also save time are sure to be used and appreciated.

This gift idea works well for busy families, singles and older family members.


meal prep kit idea for valentines day

Great Valentine Gift Idea 7 – Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

A great way to deliver a message without all the sappy teddy bears and cherubs.

This beautiful decor from Birthday Butler includes a banner and stand that screams “Be Mine”---perfect for Valentine’s Day and the modern design works perfectly with any décor. It’s all about delivering the message, without the sappiness. 

Your loved ones will be reminded each time they walk by it that you are thinking of them.  And it can be set up anywhere – in front of the fireplace for couples, in the kitchen for friends, anywhere that works for the recipient.

Valentine Day decor and flowers



Great Valentine Gift Idea 8– Learn How the Love (and Family!) Began with a DNA Kit

A great gift for family members, a DNA kit can help them trace their ancestry. 

The report that comes back will help everyone learn more about their roots and provide lots of interesting information for the next family gathering.


dna kit

Great Valentine Gift Idea 9 – Indulge their Passions Package

Customize your gift to what they love!  Focus on who they are and what they are passionate about.

Are they avid readers?  Send them a care package with several of the great classics, a bookmark, and a highlighter.

Do they pride themselves on having the prettiest rose garden on the block? Send them gardening gloves and brand-new gardening shears to cut through tough branches.

Send the baker in your life a collection of beautiful sprinkles and some pretty spatulas.

It doesn’t matter if YOU think they have enough books, gardening tools or sprinkles, Valentine’s Day is about indulging THEIR passion!


book for valentines day gift


Great Valentine Gift Idea 10 – Self Care Goodies for Sweet Pampering

Everyone loves to be pampered, especially in these challenging times!

Send them a box of potions and lotions with a card telling them they deserve to relax.

Order a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription service that will deliver these treats to them every month.

Gift a box of pretty nail polishes in their favorite colors.

nail polish idea for february gift


Now that you have 10 great ideas, get started on sending the love to your loved ones! Here’s to a wonderful Valentine’s Day to you and yours!