10 Awesome Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Husband

You love your husband and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to go all out in showing him just how much. Rather than simply buying him another tie or gadget, consider one of these great ideas to make your Valentine’s Day extra special for your guy.


Plan an Experience for Your Husband for Valentine's Day

Think about your favorite memories with your spouse. Chances are, many of them involve you two going out and doing something. Instead of simply exchanging a Valentine’s Day card and a present, plan an experience for the two of you.

Many companies are offering online or virtual classes, for example.  You could do a cooking class, a dance class or even a fly fishing class! You're sure to make a great memory as you learn something new together.


husband wife cooking together

Give Him a Sweet Gift that Gets the Kids Involved

Why not get the kids involved? Valentine’s Day is the holiday to celebrate love and they love your husband as much as you do.

Consider having the kids each write a letter to your husband telling him what they love about him or sharing favorite memory they have with him.

You can also get the craft supplies out! Grab some paint and slather it on your kids hands to make handprint hearts--no matter how old they are. A special card from his family will be something he cherishes. 

valentine card for dad


Letters Of Love for Your Husband on February 14th

Is there anything more romantic than a love letter? This is something special you can do that doesn’t cost a dime. It's also something he can read again and again.

To take it a step further, write your husband "Open When ______" letters. All you need are some envelopes.

Write your husband letters to open when he’s having a bad day or when the kids are getting on his last nerve or when you’ve hurt his feelings or just when he needs a reminder of your love. These will be things he can keep forever and can turn a rough day into a sweet reminder of how much he is loved.

Open When Love Letters for Valentine's Day


Give from the Heart with a Homemade Gift for Him

Do you have a special skill? Maybe you’re an amazing painter or a skilled knitter. Maybe you know exactly how to make his favorite dessert. Use your talents to create something special from scratch.

Whatever your skills are, there is a way to make something special and unique that has your own personal touch on it. It will mean so much more to him than something you picked up at the store.


woman making cupcakes


Romantic Treasure Hunt is Perfect Valentine's Day Activity

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? Make it a fun adventure by organizing a romantic treasure hunt. Leave clues around your house and you can be the treasure at the end of the hunt. You may want to send the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for this one!  

Make the hunt extra special by including a Be Mine banner and Celebration Stand from Birthday Butler.

valentine's day banner


Keep Dating Your Spouse After You're Married

Dating doesn’t have to end when you say “I do.” In fact, it shouldn’t end there! It’s so important to keep dating your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Try using Valentine’s Day to commit to each other to go out on dates. Make an easy date jar with a Mason jar and some slips of paper. If you’re feeling ambitious, start making a date night scrapbook that you can keep adding to. It’s a fun way to spend time together throughout the year and remember the times you have together.


Date Night Jar for Husband


Indulge Him with Self Care for Valentine's Day

Self-care is something everyone needs to practice. It’s good for the soul and the body. Your guy works hard and an easy way to show him that you appreciate that is by getting him some self-care products.

If he looks like an aspiring lumberjack with a full face of hair, you might get him some facial hair care products. How about scheduling a massage for him? Even better, arrange for a couples massage and get a little self-care for you, too.


valentine gift for husband of massage


Valentine's Day Gift of Travel for Husband

Travel is something that can really unite a couple. Going somewhere new can reinvigorate your romance. If you have the resources to do so, try planning a surprise trip for your husband and you to take alone.

Another option is to create a vacation savings jar or box. Together, you can decide where to go and work towards it by saving up as a pair.

couple traveling for february 14


Valentine's Day Gift Idea to Surprise Him

The Valentine’s Day cliches that everyone knows are flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears, right? This year is YOUR year to surprise your husband by sending him a little surprise. It doesn’t have to be the cliches, either!

For a sexier approach, have some boudoir photos taken and send him a photo album that will knock his socks off. He’s never going to expect the surprise and that makes it all the better.

boudoir pic for husband gift


Sentimental Gift for Him from Wife

Every couple has those inside jokes or special songs or favorite fandoms. A great way to celebrate your love for your partner is to get him something sentimental. There are many creators online that can take your wedding song or another favorite and turn it into something really meaningful. Even if it’s small, the impact will be huge. Plus, you can slow dance on Valentine's Day!

wife hugging husband