The Perfect February Birthday Gift for Him...or Her

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or think it’s for kids and those madly in love, it does provide great inspiration for an easy, fun and sentimental birthday gift. 

Not just any birthday gift, but one that will stand out from the crowd.  One that will elicit a gasp, a tear, an “Oh wow! This is awesome!”

The concept is called “Things I Love About You.”  The actual gift can take a variety of forms (discussed below, including some options available from Amazon), but in short, it provides a wonderful opportunity to put into words why you care so much about the person. 

The part that makes this gift so very special?

If you’re someone who says “I love you” often (“Bye sweetie.  Have a great day! I love you!”), this gift provides a chance for you to articulate why you love the individual.   

At the other end of the spectrum, if you struggle to say those three little words, this is a lovely way to convey that sentiment without having to worry about getting tongue-tied.

Things I Love About You: Example of Birthday Gift

A while back, I received a birthday gift in the mail from my dear, dear friend, Shelley.  (She and I started kindergarten together…and before I knew it, our friendship has spanned more than four decades.)

Upon opening the package, I found a lovely little 5” x 3” book.   Upon reading the title, “5 Things I Love About You”, I was most intrigued.

After all, we usually just say “I love you.”  Here, however was a book about the REASONS WHY I was loved…and not just one reason, but FIVE?!?  Bring it!  🥳

Inside, the book was arranged like an accordion file folder.  Within each of the small compartments was a handwritten message and a token to represent one of the reasons.   

As an example, she wrote that she “loved my ability to FILE away any number of memories, ideas or quotes–perfect recall of conversations and details” and included a small nail file.

Isn't it funny how you can instantly recognize the handwriting of an old friend? 

Wow!  I was truly blown away by this clever, creative and heartfelt gift.  

It’s hard to express how special it was to read the reasons why one of your oldest and dearest friends loves you. As I read the book, I smiled, I laughed, I cried. Most importantly, I was truly grateful for the wonderful gift of friendship from my forever friend.

The other really cool part about this gift? It's an echo gift.  All I need to do is look at it and it makes me smile.  Months and even years after receiving it, I still derive a great deal of pleasure from it.  

Please see bottom of the post for more pictures of this birthday gift.  

Great Birthday Gift for Her

As charming as the small book was, it was merely a vessel for the sentiment.  The important part is to capture the specifics of what makes someone so special.

You could write down the reasons you love someone on Post-its and scatter them in various places and get a big reaction. 

For their 42nd birthday, you could type a list of the 42 reasons the birthday boy or girl is awesome. 

If you’re looking for more of a presentation, there are a variety of options online including these available via Amazon Prime:

What I Love About You Great Birthday Gift Idea for Her

All you need to do is fill in the blanks!
This is a great option from the talented and amusing folks at Knock Knock.  


Things I Love about Dad Great Birthday Gift for Him

They also have versions of the book for specific individuals!

I Love You Diary Perfect Birthday Gift for Sister

 This diary with an "I Love You" charm would lend itself well to sharing reasons why you love the recipient.  It would also be fun to include photos.

Great Etsy Birthday Gift Ideas for Him...or Her

If you're thinking the idea sounds interesting, but wanted a more artistic gift, Etsy has dozens of options on this theme. Here are just a few: 

Special Birthday Gift Idea Things I Love About You

A personalized box of love!

Perfect Birthday Gift Says I Love You

A journal for you to capture your thoughts on how wonderful the person is. 

50th birthday gift is perfect for husband or wife

This is a great option for a group birthday gift. 
Please note you have an option to order the framed print or a digital download.

Please make someone’s day and give them a gift that explains WHY you love them. I guarantee you'll have a wonderful time thinking of the reasons and the recipient will feel incredibly loved.


Here are the additional photos of the gift I received:

great 50th birthday gift for a man or woman