Birthday Parties, Gifts and More

easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
Drinks are being poured and dishes passed around—in other words, it's time for your next fabulous adult birthday party! Follow our easiest strategies for minimizing mess without the fuss. Small Bites in Decanter Instead of a communal bowlful o' nuts at...
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10 Easy DIY Adult Birthday Party Favors for Women
Party favors shouldn’t end with grade school, but goodie bags filled with stickers and candy might not cut it for the adult crowd. Today you’re in luck! We’ve compiled 10 fabulous DIY birthday party favors for adults that you can...
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15 DIY Table Centerpiece Ideas for Your Next Adult Birthday Party
Whether you’re prepping for a casual weekend brunch for adults or a milestone birthday party, adding a beautiful centerpiece to your spread can take any occasion up a notch. In fact, your guests will appreciate that you put a little...
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