This Working Mom Finds the Secret to Easy Birthdays

As a business owner, I love learning how customers use our products. These conversations help me understand what matters to them and provides input for future offerings.

That’s how I ended up chatting with Ev, a working mom with three kids.

You’d like Ev if you met her. Smart, a good listener, and funny without trying to be. 

Ev used to find upcoming birthdays very stressful, but doesn’t anymore. Keep reading to learn more about Ev and how a pantry essential solved her problem.

Getting Ready for a Birthday Was Stressful for Her

Once upon a time, Ev used to grit her teeth whenever there was a birthday or holiday in her family.

It wasn’t the special occasion itself that stressed her out, it was the expectation (admittedly, self-imposed) of having to do something festive to celebrate

Like most of us parents, she wanted her kids to have happy memories associated with these special days. This was especially important to her because she didn't have that as a kid and had craved it.

She had a hard time getting ready for birthdays...

Decorating wasn’t her thing and going into a party store gave her the heebie jeebies.

And those times when she bought party goods?

She wasn’t sure how to make them look good at home and didn’t have the time or energy to figure it out.

All that changed when Ev received our sprinkle-themed birthday party kit as a gift.

Family birthdays at home - Birthday Butler
Ev's daughters 

A Party Kit Reduced Her Stress

As she unpacked the party kit, she liked its fun, festive feel. It took her a few minutes to set it up on her kitchen island and was pleased to see it actually looked like the picture. 

Equally important, it wasn't fussy. No little pieces scattered all over. (She's a minimalist, and hates clutter.)

When her daughters came into the room, they were excited to see the birthday decor.


Even her teenaged son, who rarely notices much, said it was nice. Thumbs up from her husband as well.

A few days later, she returned the items to their box and tucked it in the pantry. She felt newly confident that she could be ready for the next birthday in a just a few minutes.

Since then, the party kit has been a part of many celebrations. Ev has ordered a variety of banners (thanks Ev!) to make holidays and special occasions easier. 

The box has a designated spot in her pantry making it easy to find and accessible.

High School Graduation Banner - Birthday Butler
Getting ready for her son's high school graduation 

A Birthday Kit Solved a Problem She Didn't Realize She Had

As Ev and I talked, It was fun to hear how the party kit helps her feel less stressed about celebrating. No more scrolling through pages of party goods online or wandering in a store's party goods aisle. Instead, she knows she can grab the kit out of the pantry and be ready in a few minutes.

My favorite part of our discussion was when Ev shared that the Celebration Stand and banners had become a happy tradition for her family.  Goal achieved! If a special occasion is approaching and she hasn't set it up yet, one of her daughters will---because "we have to" and that's "what our family does."  

Another learning?  Ev's family even celebrates the birthdays of their pets!

Dog Celebrating Birthday Butler
Ev's dog even gets a birthday celebration!


Special thanks to Elle for sharing how the party kit became a part of her family!