YUMMY Hummingbird Cake - for Birthdays or Holidays

Oh Hummingbird Cake! How do I love thee?  LOTS!  🥰

Picture a tender cake filled with bits of pineapple, shreds of coconut and crunchy pecans. All of that deliciousness is then slathered in cream cheese frosting. 


Though it's one of my favorite cakes to eat, I don't make it often as my kids don't like coconut or pecans.  SIGH! 😵

I first encountered this delicious cake when I lived in Augusta, Georgia.  Fittingly, it was from Southern Living and given to me by a co-worker named Lois Byers.

Please just stop reading and make it now!  You'll be sooooo glad you did!


Yummy Hummingbird Cake - Birthday Butler


Hummingbird Birthday Cake - Birthday Butler