Fun Activities: 51 Things to Make You and Your Brain Happy

So, what do you do for fun?

It's a question that can leave a middle-aged woman (or man) stumped, especially during a pandemic.

But there is fun to be had...if you know where to look AND allow yourself permission to indulge.

If you couldn't easily come up with an answer, it's proof that you need to up your fun quotient.

The really good news? 

Research shows that play time can have positive neurological benefits.

The release of neurotransmitters when we do something we enjoy makes us happier. The unstructured time can help us to make new connections and solve problems in other areas of our life. A new activity can help us create new neurons and new neural pathways which helps to keep our brains younger. 


How to Have Fun If You Haven't in a While

If you're someone who hasn't had fun in a while, the premise may seem daunting.  

It doesn't have to be. Simply think of something you enjoyed doing when you were a kid or when you were single and had no commitments.

We've compiled a list of 51 activities to add some fun into your life. From physical to spiritual to self-care to creating a beautiful environment, there's guaranteed to be something that will light you up.  

All you need to do?

Do it!  😀


Easy Ideas to Add More Fun to Life

Be a tourist in a neighboring town

Take a yoga class

Write a love letter to yourself

Take an online class in a topic you’re curious about

Read a book of poetry

Make a plan to get busy…in a hotel

Paint your toe/fingernails a color that will shock your kids

Plant some flowers

Test drive the model of car you’ve been eyeing

Play a round of golf

Watch a comedy special starring your favorite comedian

Buy your favorite treats at a local bakery

Have a dance party for one---or more!

Get a manicure or pedicure

Write a love letter to a romantic partner

Go to a local exhibit at a museum

Play your favorite album/CD/playlist from first song to last

Sample 3 different pints of ice cream—straight from the container

Go for a hike on a new trail

Give yourself a facial

Go to a Farmer’s Market

Take a drive to your favorite beach/lake/pond

Get new throw pillows for the sofa

Go roller skating

Get a massage

Write a letter to yourself at 21

Treat yourself to that new dish/pan/rug you’ve wanted

Take a dance/Zumba/Jazzercise class

Get your makeup done

Make a list of 20 things you’re grateful for

Purchase 3 new cheeses and only share if you want to

Fly a kite

Schedule an appointment with a personal stylist

Get an ice cream cone---with sprinkles!

Enjoy a picnic in the park

Get some paper, markers, crayons and get crafty

Buy new shoes that make you smile.

Play with Play-Doh

Go to an arcade and play pinball

Buy a new plant and a pretty pot to put it in

Enjoy happy hour at a new place

Get some new lipstick

Paint a piece of pottery

Call the friend who always makes you laugh

Open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving

Feed the ducks

Get a new purse

Make a decadent recipe full of your favorite flavors

Splash around in rain boots

Sing karaoke at a local bar or in your living room

Sew an apron

Watch a rerun of your favorite sitcom