7 Unique Birthday Gifts for Mom Who Has Everything

Moms are special to us, and when it comes to gift giving for mom, we all want to make her extra happy.


It can be soooo hard to know what to get her.  Even when you hint around for ideas, it’s not uncommon to hear her say, “I already have everything I want!” or “I just want to spend time with my family.“   


While these sentiments may be true, they’re not particularly helpful when you’re in need of a gift!


The next time you’re stuck and need a gift idea for that very special lady you call Mom, consider one of these.  Each one is an unexpected surprise and might just make you mom’s favorite!


Birthday Idea for Mom: Redecorate a Room in Her Home

Perfect for moms who have been wanting a change in her home, without buying a new one!

Perfect from daughters who want to help mom enjoy her surroundings even more.


Has mom talked about hating a room in her house or wanting to freshen up a space at home?


Treat her to the gift of redecoration!


It can be as simple as giving her a gift card to Home Goods with a note that reads, “Get some happy pillows that will make the living room sofa smile!” 


You could make her birthday extra happy by offering to join her for the shopping and do lunch as well.


Another birthday idea for mom is to gift her an online design service.  There are many companies including Space Joy and Modsy who help people redecorate their homes without ever leaving their house.  


Though each service works bit differently, the steps are pretty similar. Mom (or you!) would upload photos of the space to be redecorated and indicate design requirements and style preferences using provided prompts (“Does this room need to be kid-friendly?”).


Using the user-provided information, the company provides a 3D picture of what the redecorated room could look like as well as a list of products for purchase.


sofa with pillows help mom redecorate for her birthday gift

Mom Birthday Gift: Help Her Unleash Her Creativity

Perfect gift for moms who have a creative side or enjoy trying new things.

Perfect gift from daughters who want to help mom find a fun new hobby.


If mom is a little more artistically inclined, you might want to gift her an art class.


Local artists or community colleges will often have art classes that are aimed at bringing out a student’s creativity.  Focusing on a few simple ideas and techniques, they can get even the beginner painter well on their way to a masterpiece.


Even better, Mom will be able to show off her artwork when she’s done and have you to thank for it!


Giving mom art classes may also help her to connect with her grandchildren. Depending on ages and interests, Grandma could teach the kids what she learned in her Watercolor Painting 101 class.

Birthday gift for mom-painting class


Birthday Gift for Mom: Help Her Get Organized Easily 

Perfect to give moms who need a hand getting their clutter under control.

Perfect gift from daughters who think that cleaning out Mom’s garage is noooo fun!


If your mom has accumulated years of clutter and can’t bear the thought of cleaning out and sorting things, giving her the services of a personal organizer may be the perfect gift.


Professional organizers can be hired to help organize a specific area, such as a garage or a pantry, or an entire house.  As impartial third parties, they are in a unique position to counsel your mom about what is truly worth keeping and what should be discarded.

In some areas, professional organizers are still making house calls. Don’t let that stop you though as there are a myriad of online services as well that can help her purge her unwanted items and rearrange everything else in a neat and tidy fahsion.

Mom will love having a newly organized space and have you to thank for it! 


Another added benefit?  If you gift her this service, you won’t be the one who is trying to convince her it’s okay to purge a decade’s worth of old Reader’s Digests.


gift mom a professional organizer for her birthday


Mom Birthday Gift Idea: Customized Jewelry

Perfect gift for moms who love pretty baubles.

Perfect gift from daughters who want to give something sentimental and shiny.


Mom may have lots of jewelry already, but a piece that reflects something near and dear to her will hold much more sentimental value.  


Giving mom a necklace or other piece of jewelry that contains her birthstone is a lovely idea.  She'll treasure your thoughtfulness.  
(Not sure what her birthstone is?  Click here for our post that will help you make the right choice.)


A trending style is to have jewelry made with things like sand (from a favorite beach) embedded in them, or you may stick to a more traditional idea such as a monogramed piece.


A timeless favorite is a necklace with disks or small rings that contain the initial of each child or grandchild.

 give mom birthday gift of necklace

A Spa Day Makes a Great Birthday Gift for Mom 

Perfect for moms who love to be pampered and those who are in need of some relaxation.

Perfect gift from daughters who want their Mom to take it easy.


Give mom the gift of relaxation with a spa day! Whether it’s a mani/pedi, a deep tissue massage or another service, the gift of pampering is sure to be a hit.


Be sure to include a note in the birthday card that acknowledges all she’s done for others throughout the years—the thousands of meals, the endless carpools she drove, the times she helped you move from house to another. 


She’ll be grateful for the recognition and will probably brag to the spa attendant, “My daughter gave me this gift for my birthday! She’s so thoughtful!”


Give mom a spa day for birthday gift


Idea for Mom Birthday Gift:  Help Her Learn Something New

Perfect for moms who never tire of learning something new.

Perfect from daughters who want to give their moms' brain a boost by learning an unfamiliar hobby or skill.

Research has shown that continuing to learn new skills can help keep us young. Our brains thrive on novelty and working to master new things results in positive health benefits.


Take advantage of something mom has mentioned an interest in and help her learn more about it. 


Does she want to learn coding? Cook rural French cuisine? How to create resin art? Learn to speak Italian? Get a better jump shot? Learn haute couture trends?


Chances are there’s a course (or courses) she can take that will expand her educational and interest horizons.


Consider taking the class with her for an extra special experience!

give mom a cooking class for her birthday


Summon the Birthday Butler for Mom’s Birthday Gift

Perfect gift for moms who love celebrating birthdays and holidays or like having a fun centerpiece on the table.

Perfect gift from daughters who are tired of sending flowers and want a unique gift that mom will use again and again.

Make Mom feel like the special birthday girl she is by sending her a birthday centerpiece from Birthday Butler.   


Her friends will be jealous when they see a birthday banner effortlessly hanging above her table. thanks to the gorgeous stainless-steel stand.


Add to the birthday centerpiece by upgrading to a birthday party. It’s a great way to help mom celebrate when you can’t be there in person but want her to feel loved on her birthday.

Happy birthday gift mom party