7 Surprise Birthday Ideas for Best Friend

There are few things sweeter than a true friend.


Whether your friendship is based on how far you’ve come; the silly things you’ve done together; a shared passion for all things ice cream...or any of a zillion other things, a friend is worth their weight in gold!


Celebrate your best friend by adding the element of surprise to their birthday!  It will add some unexpected fun to the day and make it even more memorable.


Keep reading for some ideas to knock their socks off!


A Bouquet of Balloon Memories for Your Best Friend's Birthday 

This idea is sentimental, easy to do and inexpensive—the trifecta of a great birthday idea! It also works equally well whether the birthday person is 15, 55 or any other age.


Get some helium balloons and tie strings to them. Add a photograph, favorite quote or poem to the bottom of each one. Let the balloons and memories dance under the ceiling.


The birthday person will see them and say something like, “Oooh! For me?!”


Wait a moment...


Soon, they'll realize these are no ordinary balloons, but rather a floating tribute of memories and favorite things!  They'll squeal with delight as they take a walk down memory lane thanks to YOU! 🥳


Pro Tip: If you’re in need of photos, check their social media accounts. Facebook and Instagram are a treasure trove of photos! 


Surprise Birthday Gifts throughout the Day by 'Ghosting'

Receiving a  birthday gift from a close friend is something we've come to expect. 


Getting gifts from strangers?


Completely unexpected!


Start by finding out your best friend's plans for the day. Next, arrange for "strangers" (people familiar to you, but not them) to walk up and give her a gift at various points throughout the day. 


You'll keep them on their toes as the surprise presents keep coming!  

Have a blast listening to her recount the day, "I was coming out of the gym when a woman I've never seen before came up to me in the parking lot and handed me a bouquet of flowers.Isn't that crazy?! But that's not all..."


    Best Friend Birthday Ideas to Surprise - Birthday Butler


    Friends from Different Chapters Birthday Party

    We all have friends from different parts of our lives---our neighbors, our co-workers, those we went to college with...  Typically, we see these friends in context---neighbors in the neighborhood; co-workers at work..


    Surprise the birthday person by gathering friends from the various aspects of their life--in one place!  


    Everyone can compare notes about the birthday person who will be surrounded by lots and lots of love!


    Blindfolded Birthday Road Trip with BFF

    If your friend can handle not knowing what The Plan is for their birthday, tell them to pack an overnight bag and that you’ll pick them up at a designated time.


    After they get in the car, have them don a blindfold so your destination is a true surprise.


    Head to place that’s a few hours drive away. Pick a favorite area to explore or someplace they’ve always wanted to go.


    Feel free to have them guess where you’re headed or offer them clues along the way to slowly reveal the big surprise.


    Birthday Surprise for Friend:  Hire a Limo to Chauffeur Them in Style

    When was the last time your best friend was whisked around in a limo?


    If it was in high school and their destination was the prom, it’s long past time they were chauffeured around in style!


    Arrange for the limo to be at their disposal as they run daily errands, attend client meetings or just want to go for a drive along the beach.

    Have the driver pick you and other friends up and head to a fabulous restaurant.  Have a birthday centerpiece on the table to greet them and toast to their health and happiness in the year ahead. 


    (Bonus points if you dance the night away at nearby club!  😀)


    Perfect at home or in the finest restaurants, this birthday centerpiece makes a statement! 
    Reusable, portable and easy to set-up in <5 minutes!




    Surprise Birthday Ideas for Best Friend

    Indulge Your Best Friend in a Makeover for Her Birthday 

    Help your best friend feel beautiful on their birthday by taking them for a makeover!


    They’ll love being pampered as a make-up artist finds the best shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner and more for their complexion.


    Most department store cosmetics counters and beauty stores like Ulta and Sephora offer makeovers. Research offerings ahead of time so there’s no wait and be sure to ask if glasses of wine are included!


      Surprise Birthday Ideas for Best Friend


      7.  Go Retro with a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Surprise Party for Your Best Friend

      Who doesn’t love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s?!


      Audrey Hepburn is nothing short of gorgeous in her iconic updo, sunglasses, pearls and Little Black Dress (LBD) as she dines at the fabulous Tiffany’s jewelry store in NYC.


      Gather your girlfriends (decked out in their LBDs and pearls of course!), start the champagne flowing and surprise your best friend with a birthday brunch.


      Use the classic Tiffany’s shade of blue to decorate and serve brunch foods that Holly Golightly would love:

      • Mini croissants
      • Mini quiches
      • Strawberries and cream
      • Petit fours
      • Canapés
      Surprise Birthday Ideas for Best Friend - Birthday Butler



      Don't underestimate the power of surprise! It can add fun to the birthday and make for more memorable moments---for you and your best friend!


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