7 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Co-Worker’s Birthday at Work

Are you looking for ways to make your coworker feel happy when appreciated? What can be more effective than to have a wonderful office birthday celebration on their special day? Not only does it provide the employee with some hard-earned time off during their special day but it also allows their team members to appreciate their peers. Here are some great gift ideas and awesome ways to celebrate your co-worker’s birthday at work:

  1. Have a Cake Break

What’s a co-worker birthday celebration without a cake or a pie or anything sweet, for that matter?

For a more fanciful birthday party, you can readily get an extremely customizable cake. Alternatively, ask the team members of the birthday person to investigate what they like the best. A football-shaped cake, for example, would make any fan feel special.

Dark forest, lemon tart, cream meringues, red velvet- there is no shortage of sweet, crumbly desserts. You can substitute the cake for something more savory if the birthday boy or girl is not a big enthusiast of sweet things. 

  1. Decorate their desk

One of the truly easy and effective ways to celebrate a coworker’s birthday is to decorate their desk with Birthday Butler’s birthday banner centerpiece. Imagine when the birthday person comes in and discovers that his/her desk has been decorated. It is guaranteed to make every employee feel appreciated on their special day. Even with a tight budget, you can really pack in a punch.

  1. Phone Soap Smartphone Sanitizer

Most people use their mobile more often than their landline, and that means they’re much more prone to contamination. This easy-to-use sanitizer and charger helps zap 99.99% of those germs. Simply place the device inside, attach the included charging cable, and close the lid. Ultra-violet lights do the dirty work. The case even has built-in acoustic amplifiers so you can keep listening to music or use your phone's alarm while it's getting its spa treatment. Via Uncommon Goods

  1. Ice Cream Bar

If you coworker happens to love ice cream all year round why not create an ice-cream feast. Because boozy office parties are never a good idea, an “Ice-Cream Bar” is our favorite alternative. By bar, yes, we mean an actual bar. 

Set up a table by the side in the break room. Provide options for different toppings. Chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, actual berries, M&Ms- the options are endless! Don’t forget to add a centerpiece for the buffet table. It’s the perfect accessory to recognize their big accomplishment, awesome win or their special day!  Imagine how much sweeter the world would be if there was more celebrating?! SHOP NOW

Get a bit creative and ask the birthday person to create the “Sundae of the Day.” Additionally, you can create a competition to create custom sundaes and let the birthday person select the winning sundae. Via Personal Creations

  1. Birthday Breakfast

The birthday boy or girl gets to choose what they want for breakfast and the whole office benefits!

  1. Mini Money Tree

The Mini Money Tree is a perfect indoor foliage plant to give you a tropical feel. With its stout stem and bright green palm looking leaves, it looks both like a tree and tiny palm. Native from Mexico to northern South America, the Money Tree is also very popular in Taiwan and other East Asian countries.

The Mini Money Tree gets its name because the Feng Shui practice believes it will bring positive energy and good luck to the owner. It has been said this plant reduces stress, anxiety and may also help lessen sleeping disorders.

According to Feng Shui, the Money Tree brings good fortune to its owner. If you know someone who could do with an upturn in luck, this mini tree will make a thoughtful and symbolic gift. Said to reduce stress and anxiety, this air purifying plant comes ready-planted in a pot. Via Bloomscape

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mouse Pad

Every office has a cookie fiend – the one who always brings baked goods in to treat the rest of the staff. Show your appreciation for their generosity with a chocolate chip cookie mouse pad. Ideal for gaming or just general PC work, this round mat will be the sweetest gift they receive. Via Amazon


You don’t need to throw a big party to celebrate your coworker’s birthday (although one is welcomed at any time!). Small gestures can have a big impact too. Whatever you decide, you should do something to let your co-worker know that you’re aware of their special day. 

Celebrate Your Co-Worker’s Birthday at Work