15 Adult Birthday Party Ideas for Celebrating the Milestone Years

Every year there’s another birthday to be celebrated and for a good reason. After all don’t you or your loved ones deserve to do something fun for every birthday, especially the big milestone years?  Reflect on all the great birthday parties and wonderful times you have been part of over the years.

Now more than ever it’s time to take it up a notch with these 15 adult birthday party ideas. 

  1. Host a game night

Have everyone bring their favorite board game or card game. Make it more fun for your guests by having a goody bags for the winners.

Sugar and Cloth

adult birthday party ideas

  1. Do a spa day

Relax and pamper yourself with DIY facials or an at-home mani and pedi. If you want something more elaborate host the party at a spa instead or bring the aestheticians in.

Pure Fiji

  1. Have a cake exchange

You’ve heard about a cookie exchange during the holiday’s right? Do something unique and ask your guest to forget the gifts and instead bring their own favorite cake. You can make it more fun and have a smorgasbord of cakes to try. 

Style Your Senses

  1. Cook your favorites

If you don't want another potluck dinner then create a menu of your favorite homemade meals that you wish to serve to your guests. Share stories about why is a fave! 

Darling Down South

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adult birthday party ideas

  1. Host a mixology party

Hire a mixologist or a local bartender from your fave restaurant to craft customized drinks for your friends all night long. Make sure you have appetizers and snacks throughout the night. Don’t forget to create a killer playlist. (I bet one of your friends might even be a “mixologist”). Make sure the getting home issue is covered safely.

Zestful Kitchen

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  1. Opt for an elegant affair

If you really want to go all out host an elegant affair like the Great Gatsby or a masquerade party. Besides gold is such a popular theme for adult birthday parties so it will certainly be a hit! Make it over the top with suits and stilettos, jazz in the background, and plenty of appetizers. Serve these adorable champagne gummy bears and place them in beautiful dishes in every room. 

The Skinny Fork

Now more than ever it’s time to take it up a notch with these 15 adult birthday party ideas.

  1. Fall for afternoon tea

Get together with your closest girlfriends for a delightful afternoon tea. You can either host one or find one at a luxury hotel or a local tea room. To make your milestone even more special opt for champagne with your tea.

Lia Griffith


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  1. Host a DIY night

Do something practical but fun with DIY jewelry or whatever theme fancies you. Just make sure the projects you choose aren’t too challenging and that you have enough space for everyone to create. These friendship bracelets are the perfect activity. 

Martha Stewart

  1. Do a fun outdoor activity

Looking for something adventurous? Regardless of the season you can be sure to find seasonal activities to do with a group of friends. It's also a great opportunity to do something you've never done before or have always wanted to do. Kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, a bike ride, rock climbing, surfing, ice skating, snow shoeing, snow tubing, bowling, Top Golf, indoor skydiving (for the very adventurous), rollerblading skiing — the options for outdoor activities are endless.


adult birthday party ideas

  1. Host a murder mystery party

Hosting a mystery party is easy. Assign each guest a character to dress up as ahead of time. You can either host it at your house or at a venue. 

My Mystery Party

  1. Do a tarot reading

Looking to add a unique element to your birthday party? Hire a tarot reader to guide your group through a collective reading and pay special attention to what the reading invites you to consider.  Masks, social distancing, washing hands.  Safety first.

Tarot by Hillary

  1. Volunteer

If you’re the kind of gal who has everything then spend the afternoon volunteering for your favorite organization. If you have friends and family asking you what you want for your birthday you can ask them to donate any funds intended for your birthday to the organization or to join you and give their time along- side you.

  1. Have a self- care day with friends

Every woman deserves a royal treatment right? Treat yourself and your friends to a full day of wellness treats staring with these DIY sugar scrubs with your favorite essential oils. 

A Life Adjacent

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  1. Host a simple dinner birthday party

Maybe you are the type that doesn’t make a big deal about their birthday. We get it but that doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate at all. After all it’s a great excuse to get together with your favorite people. Instead, throw a simple dinner party with a few of your closest friends. Here’s how to throw a simple dinner that won’t break the bank. 

The Zoe Report

  1. Have a picnic birthday party

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to sit around the dinner table or hang out at a bar have a picnic! Grab a few large blankets and head to the closest park. You can enjoy the same fun, drinks, music, snacks, and games there — and friends can come and go as they please. If you want to liven it up a bit, try adding in a scavenger hunt or even making the picnic a themed one.

adult birthday party ideas


Whether you love being extravagant for birthdays or prefer to keep them intimate and simple in the comfort of your own home, there are a ton of ways to make these celebrations more exciting, fun, and unique. And remember no birthday is complete without Birthday Butler’s birthday banners!  

And please be safe.