Guide to Premium Birthday Decorations and Party Goods for Adults

Not sure what to get?  What to know exactly what's included?

This guide was designed to help you find exactly what you need.


The Birthday Centerpiece works great for:

  • Making the party table really festive
  • Complementing flowers or balloons
  • A designated photo opportunity at a party or event
  • Social media posts


The Mini Birthday Party is perfect for 

  • An at-home celebration
  • A birthday dinner at a restaurant
  • Sending to someone as a gift
  • Taking with you for an out of town celebration
  • An office birthday
  • Celebrating in smaller spaces-college students; senior citizens; schools; hospitals


Our All-Inclusive Kit was designed for: 

  • Surprise parties
  • A milestone birthday
  • An at-home celebration with family and friends
  • Taking to a family reunion or the in-laws
  • Workshops and retreats 


Still not sure what the right answer is?   Let us help!