Your Super Bowl Party MVP: Go 49ers Centerpiece

If you've been checking out party decorations on Instagram and Pinterest, you've seen all sorts of decorations.


But seriously?!  Who has the time or the energy to cut open footballs and turn them into flower vases?!  Never mind all those crafty ideas would require a small army to finish them by Super Bowl Sunday.  


Hi, my name is Lisa! I've always loved entertaining, but finding the time to get everything ready for a party is a different story.


If you're like most folks, you're probably happy just to be having a party.  So few people even do that any more.


You might stop at a party store and pick up a few decorations, or order some things from Amazon.  (Thank goodness for Prime, right?!)


You might even have resigned yourself to not decorating and just focusing on the food and drink.

A simple party table


Well, I'm here to change all that! I want to show you how to transform your table into an absolute showstopper that has everyone pulling out their phones to take pictures.


Best of all, you don't need a ton of time to set it up; no tape, tacks or tools are required AND you can do it all by yourself---in under a minute!!!


And did I mention it's re-usable?!?!?


I call it, the Celebration Stand
so you can
 celebrate what you want, wherever you want!


After years of buying party banners, but never having a place to hang them (my fireplace was far from the dining table that I used for buffets at parties; and an open floorpan meant there wasn't much wall space I could use), I decided to create the decoration I'd been searching for.   


 The Go 49ers Celebration Stand makes this table ready to PARTY!



The Celebration Stand might just be the only party decoration you ever need.  It puts the fun into functional and saves you time.


  • Makes a statement-at over 21" high and 30" across it looks great on dining tables, kitchen islands, fireplaces and more.


  • Modern design looks great in contemporary homes-stainless steel, thick card stock, lush ribbons.  I obsessed over every detail to create a product I would be proud to use in my own home. 


  • Easy to Set-Up and Put Away-you've got lots going on without having to fuss with party decorations.  No tools, tacks or tape required.  Just set on any flat surface and attach the clasps (easier than tying your shoes!)


  • Reusable-investing in heirloom quality goods means you can use the Celebration Stand for future gatherings.  After all, landfills already have enough disposable stuff in them.


  • May be used for any occasionNicknamed the "Little Black Dress of Party Goods", the Celebration Stand can be transformed with a new banner for Easter, Mother's Day,  Father's Day, graduation or pretty much any other event you can think of.


  • Handcrafted in the USA-Though our country isn't perfect, we think it's a darn good place to call home.


 If you're not 100%, we'll refund your money. Period.





Go 49ers banner in San Francisco