Everything You Need to Know about Our Better Banners

It's no accident we called them Better Banners--they're MUCH better than the vast majority of banners out there!

* Heavy Cardstock-while most banners are printed on flimsy paper that's sad to hold, our banners are printed on luxurious card stock that can stand up to the most substantial celebrations.

Specifically, we use hefty 16-pt card stock that feels as good as it looks.  (For comparison, most postcards are printed on 8-pt card stock.)  We choose finishes that allow for vibrant colors and crisp, clear imagery.  

* Gorgeous ribbons-we think ribbons are to banners what jewelry is to your favorite black dress.  We use only the highest quality trims and satin ribbons that will make you smile when you see them.

* Substantial Size-banners should make an impact! Each panel of the banner measures 4" x 6".  Banner lengths vary from 21" to 36" depending on the occasion.

* Contemporary Styling-we designed our banners for people with great taste.  We intentionally created a statement piece that would look as beautiful as the environment you're in.

* Easy Attach clasps-all banners come with stainless steel Easy Attach clasps that are as simple to use as snapping a jacket closed.