How We Started

Years ago, my mom sent us a birthday banner. I loved the moment when the birthday boy or girl walked into the kitchen and saw the decoration in their honor.

The problem? I had no good place to hang it up! The night before a birthday, I’d have to get out the ladder, hammer and nails and hang it above the stove. Every time I cooked, I’d have to move the banner!

I noticed that friends displayed their banners on a side wall or fireplace, far away from guests and the food. Why wasn’t the party banner part of the party?!

After more tries than I can count, I created the Celebration Stand. It happily holds a banner over a kitchen island, table or any other flat surface for an instant centerpiece. No mess. No fuss. No waste.

Hi, I'm Lisa!

If you never miss a birthday and think most holidays are worth celebrating, you’re my kind of people! 🥳

Between work/family/house stuff/life stuff/working out/catching up and more, there’s not a lot of time to get ready for the special days.

Easy to set-up (and put away!) decorations mean you can entertain even after a busy day.

Birthday cake with sprinkles? Yes please! 🥰

We Believe

Special occasions are excuses to celebrate family and friends.

Staying up all night to get ready for a party isn't as much fun as a good night's sleep.

Celebration décor should be as beautiful as our homes.

Traditions make our days sweeter and our lives happier.

Life is too short for sad, flimsy party goods!

What Will You Celebrate Today?

Questions, comments, suggestions for a new banner? Bring 'em on! 🥳

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