Year Round Bundle - 6 Holiday/Birthday Banners + Celebration Stand


The perfect home accessory for celebrating year-round! A fun, festive centerpiece for table, kitchen island or anywhere else.  Simply change the banner on the Celebration Stand and celebrate again!

    EASY HOLIDAY DECORATING - Brighten up any space in your home with a festive touch

    ELEGANT CENTERPIECE -Oversized home décor piece looks fabulous on your dining room table, kitchen island or anywhere else. 

    LUXE MATERIALS - Gleaming stainless steel, chrome, satin ribbons, coated hefty card stock and lush ribbons 

    FAST SET-UP - A mere 2 minutes to attach and set-up the centerpiece

    PORTABLE - Move it from room to room 

    -Newlyweds to start a new tradition 
    -Family gift - daughter; daughter-in-law to enjoy with the grandchildren
    -Friend who loves the holidays 
    -Mom who loves to decorate

    -1 Celebration Stand
    -1 Sprinkles birthday banner
    -1 Valentines Day banner
    -1 Mothers Day banner
    -1 Fathers Day banner
    -1 Thanksgiving banner
    -1 Christmas banner
    -1 bow tie

      -When the Happy Birthday banner is attached to the Celebration Stand, the centerpiece measures 22” x 36” x 4”. 
      -The width of the centerpiece varies based on the length of the banner.
      -The Celebration Stand weighs approximately 4 pounds.