Easy, Elegant
(minus all the fuss)

When you look at your calendar and see a birthday coming up, your first thought doesn’t have to be, “Oh no! What am I going to do to celebrate???”

Just unpack one of our party kits!

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have an easy, elegant celebration ready to go.

Fabulous for them, easy for you....and happier for the planet too!

Our party decor is designed to be treasured...unlike flimsy decorations that spend a few hours at a party, but a lifetime in a landfill.

We're here to bring all of the "Wow!" to your celebrations---without all of the work!

How We Started

One day, a client and her stylist were chatting during a haircut (and probably a few highlights too!).

The stylist mentioned her twins’ birthday was coming up and she had no time to do anything. Why wasn't there a "box of everything needed" that she could take for their weekend away?

The client, who loved birthdays, put together a box of party favorites. The stylist loved the quick and easy set-up and said giving her kids a special birthday made her "feel like an awesome mom."

Birthday Butler started with that very first party kit in 2018. Since then, we’ve refined our birthday offerings and expanded to include holidays.

(The stylist still does the client's hair and takes out her party box to celebrate special occasions.)


Elevated Party Kits with a 100% Happiness Guarantee


Gorgeous Materials 

Party decor that's worthy of your home. Made with stainless steel and chrome, lush ribbons and thick card stock.


Quick set-up

You'll have a party kit ready to go in less time than it takes to open a bottle of champagne.



Handcrafted in the USA, our party goods were built for years of celebrating.

100% Happiness Guarantee

If you're not happy with your purchase, simply let us know. 
We'll replace it or refund the purchase price--your choice!
Why? Birthdays should be happy!

Hi, I'm Lisa!

I’ve always loved birthdays and made a big deal out of them.

As I got older, life got busier with work, kids and trying to remember to call my mom.

If there was something “extra” in my week, like a birthday party, I’d stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning to get everything done.

Then I turned 40.

My ability to “power through” busy weeks was...gone!

If I wanted to continue to host parties and do other fun things with my family and friends, I needed to find ways to celebrate smarter...and eventually, I did.

I founded Birthday Butler to help busy moms celebrate their loved ones and create memorable moments, without ending up as exhausted as I was.

I like to think that every box delivers more than just party goods, it also contains several hours of sleep.

Lisa Bader

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