Top 10 Best 50th Birthday Party Themes for Adults

Planning a 50th Birthday Party is nothing to take lightly! After all, your friend or a family member has lived for half a century! Seriously, that’s big! So, if you are in charge of putting the big birthday bash together, it is certainly understandable if you are under a little bit of stress 😉

Choosing a 50th birthday party theme for adults is one of the hardest tasks on the to-do list! The many different directions you can take are confusing! Do you want elegant or laid-back? Fun or fancy? What would the guest of honor like? What would they hate? There are so many questions to answer! Explore 10 awesome 50th milestone birthday party theme ideas for adults.

How to Choose a Great 50th Birthday Theme for Adults

To pick the right theme, there are a few things that you should consider first! No, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just picking a theme out of a hat (though… you could lol )

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  1. Will your party take place during the day or at night?

Night or day, your party can have a great theme either way. But, it wouldn’t make a sense to have a “starry night in Paris party” during the day, now would it? Just like it wouldn’t make sense to have a “day at the beach” party at night! The time of your 50th birthday party takes place can plant the seed for some really amazing themes!

  1. What season will your birthday party take place?

If your party is in the fall, bonfires and s’mores is always fun. But, if your party is in the middle of winter that theme doesn’t necessarily make sense! Choose a theme that fits the time of year when you have no other ideas!

  1. Who will be invited?

If you want your party to be fun, you have to be able to entertain everyone in attendance. So, when you are thinking of 50th birthday party theme ideas, think about who will be invited. 

  1. What does the guest of honor do for a living?

Knowing the guest of honor can be particularly helpful in choosing a theme. In fact, what they do for a living might be the only knowledge you need! If the honoree particularly loves their career, theme the party accordingly! Celebrate that doctor, teacher, lawyer, sales manager, chef or scientist in your life with a fun party themed after what they love most!

  1. What are hobbies and interests of the birthday recipient?

For the perfect 50th birthday party theme inspiration consider a party themed after their hobbies or interests! A fun idea for everyone!

  1. Where will the party take place?

Knowing where the party is going to take place is an important detail! Therefore, you might want to pick your venue before you pick your theme! Knowing how much space you have for decorations and other party elements is very important to help make sure your theme is portrayed perfectly!

Regardless of where you hold the birthday party you’ll need to dress up your table with a centerpiece banner. Created to be fabulous for them and easy for you, this one box has everything you need to transform a room into a celebration in less than 10 minutes.

Featuring a palette of black and gold and generous proportions, The Private Reserve birthday party is a study in understated elegance. Perfect for those who appreciate timeless design, as well as those who favor some glamour in their lives.

Now that you have all of the information you need, it’s time to explore these 10 fun 50th birthday theme for men and women.


Party Ideas for 50th Birthday and other Milestones - Birthday Butler

1. Black and Gold 50th Birthday Party for Adults

This black-tie affair will be all glitz and glamour. Impress your friends with just how good you look when you clean up by throwing a black and gold party! Via VCDIYDECORANDHOME

adult birthday party theme

2. Silver 50th Birthday Party Theme for Adults

Your 50th birthday honoree will really shine with a silver party theme! Think chrome and diamonds. No one can be disappointed with that. Via Distinctivs

adult birthday party theme

3. Black and White 50th Birthday Party Theme for Adults

Black and white is a classic theme that will never disappoint. Invite your friends to celebrate in style, but be sure to mention attire on the invitation! Via Pizzazzerie

adult birthday party theme

4. Wine and Cheese Tasting 50th Birthday Party Theme for Adults

For your friend that is fancy, but still loves food! This 50th birthday party theme is one that everyone will love. Break out the best bottle of red and your cheese board, your guests will definitely be coming hungry! Via Kitchn

adult birthday party theme

5. Pink and Gold 50th Birthday Party Theme for Adults

Pink and gold is super trendy and super beautiful! With a little thought and preparation, this 50th birthday theme will stand out from all the others! Via Hostess With The Mostess

adult birthday party theme

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6. Tropical Luau 50th Birthday Party Theme 

Grass skirts and a pig roast are a great way to lure in your guests! Fun and relaxing, no one ever gets tired of a good luau! Via Smash Cake

adult birthday party theme

7. Outdoor Tuscany Inspired 50th Birthday Party Theme 

A slightly elegant travel theme, a taste of Tuscany will whisk your guests away. For your Italian or Italy loving friend, there isn’t a better 50th birthday party theme! Via Simply Beatiful Eating

adult birthday party theme

8. 80’S Birthday Party Theme for a 50th Birthday Party Theme 

The 80’s was a very unique era of time. It was full of loud colors, extreme fashion, sky high hair, and forever defining music. To throw an 80’s theme party, you’ll want to include as many 80’s nostalgic ideas and items as you can. There are tons of fun ideas to help you make your theme party truly memorable and tons of fun. Via Queen of Theme Party Games

adult birthday party theme

9. Backyard BBQ 50th Birthday Party Theme

Simple and fun, all you need for this 50th birthday party theme is a backyard, a grill, and a whole lot of meat! Via Life In a Greenhouse

adult birthday party theme

10. Country 50th Birthday Party Theme

Order your cowboy boots, because things are about to get crazy when you choose the Wild West 50th birthday party theme! Via Domestic Fashionista

adult birthday party theme


As you'll see above, there are plenty of simple ways to incorporate the big 50 into the party theming and table centerpiece decorations without it dominating. Make the birthday party as personal as you can and highlight all their positive achievements, like family, children, or career highlights, so that they have fond memories of their 50th milestone birthday party. You want it to be something they'll remember. 

adult birthday party theme ideas