10 Easy DIY Adult Birthday Party Decoration Ideas That Minimize Mess

Drinks are being poured and dishes passed around—in other words, it's time for your next fabulous adult birthday party! Follow our easiest strategies for minimizing mess without the fuss.

  1. Small Bites in Decanter

Instead of a communal bowlful o' nuts at your next get-together, try a more hygienic presentation by putting the snacks and party mix in clear glass narrow-necked decanters, so guests can pour out their portions rather than scoop them up with potentially germy hands. In addition to being sanitary, the clean-lined vessels look fresh and modern.

DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. DIY Ice

Instead of watering down your drink with ice cubes that are destined to melt, give the entire vessel its own ice bucket. Slip one glass container inside another. The effect is dramatic and guarantees that your punch retains its punch. 

DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. DIY Birthday Butler centerpiece banner

Inspired by our friend who is a minimalist, we designed these adult birthday decorations to be bright and happy without being too fussy. With Birthday Butler’s centerpiece banners ($87) you no longer have to use a ladder and punch holes or create a sticky mess on your walls. Set-up only takes 60 seconds! 

easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. DIY Salt and Pepper

Individual servings of salt and pepper may seem like an extravagance until you realize you'll never hear the phrase "Pass the salt" uttered ever again. Each guest can pinch and sprinkle their own seasonings from their own teeny-tiny miniature baskets.

easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. DIY Bread and butter

Forgo the usual communal basket and treat all your guests to personal bread boards. Add a small dish of butter, so they can lay it on as thick as they like.

easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. DIY Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

It's easy as 1-2-3! Start with a square dinner napkin and give it a three-way fold for a handy pocket. A creative napkin fold can have a practical side—or a pocket, as the case is here. To turn casual table linens into a holder for breadsticks, a flower, or a set of utensils, follow these steps via Martha Stewart.

  • Fold a square dinner napkin in half, then in quarters. 
  • Fold the open corner's top layer to meet the opposite corner. 
  • Turn over the napkin, fold it into thirds, and turn it back over.
  • Tuck your polished cutlery into the pocket. Add a place card, printed menu or other goodies if desired.


  • Square dinner napkin 
  • Cutlery
  • Optional: place card or printed menu
easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. Skip the full bar

There's no need to offer a full bar when you have a few quality spirits to present. Decide to serve either a signature drink or a big bowl of punch, which never fails to please a crowd. 

easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. DIY DJ

Isn't that what technology is for? The last thing you need to worry about is the tunes. Pick a playlist that enhances the event, rather than distracts, and transitions smoothly between the tracks. Let Spotify or another app play DJ for you, and all you have to do is press "play."

  1. Have decorations do double-duty

Take a close look at this party setting: the paper pom-poms seen here do double-duty as hanging ornaments and napkin rings. Get the DIY tutorial Via Martha Stewart

easy DIY adult birthday party decoration ideas
  1. Serve the right amount

It’s an issue that comes up all the time when you’re entertaining! How many drinks should you serve? How many cupcakes should you buy if there are 20 people coming? How many appetizers do you need for a cocktail party? How many fruit platters do you need at a cookout? So many questions! This chart will help you avoid wasting food and most off all save you time from packing all those left overs. via Chicabug

easy DIY adult birthday party decorations


The key to minimizing all the mess at your next adult birthday party is to think ahead. Line your appetizer and dessert plates with wax paper to keep food from sticking to the serving dishes. Keep the waste baskets in clear sight and easy reach of the guests. Flowers, cookies, and leftover slices of pie can all be quickly packaged and passed out as party favors. All of these things enhance the experience for your guests and help you enjoy your own party. (If anyone should enjoy it, it's you!)

Source: Martha Stewart

Easy DIY Adult Birthday Party Decoration Ideas